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Day: 29 June 2020

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  • Iran Issues Warrant for Trump

Iran Issues Warrant for Trump

Iran’s government has issued an arrest warrant for U.S President Donald Trump charging him for the murder of its top commander Qasem Soleimani in January. Qasem Soleimani led Iran’s Quds…

Terror strikes in Pakistan at Pakistan Stock Exchange

On Monday morning, 4 heavily armed terrorists carried out an attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, which is the centre of financial activity. Although the forces were able…

TikTok caught spying on iPhone users

According to a Forbes article,  Chinese-origin TikTok is not only an app that could be exploiting the vulnerability, but it is the most high-profile of all apps caught spying on users. The…

Is Rushing Important ?

The hectic schedule of today’s scenario is making us angry , anxious , gloomy , etc. leading us to failure or even worse. Rushing through everything may be an indication of…