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Which BTS Character Are You?

5 Growing Industries With High Earning Potential

Many industry segments in India do alright. Making a positive impact on the Indian economy by catering to the requirements of both domestic market and exports, several industry segments are…

5 Tips Students Must Consider While Creating Resume

Writing your first resume could seem kind of a frightening task. But by fixing some work, and following a technique, you’ll create an efficient resume that provides an honest start…

Pass This Quiz If You’re a True Friends Fan

Confessions of A Vaccinated College Girl

Hola, Bonjour, Hello, and Namaste Campus Beat family! Hope you all are safe and sound in these tiring times. The pandemic has snatched away our active lifestyle but don’t worry…

All You Need to Know About Cyclone Tauktae

As Cyclone Tauktae made landfall on the Gujarat coast, leaving 13 dead in its wake, the neighbouring state of Maharashtra, especially Mumbai, also witnessed the effects of the cyclone. Videos have…

Moving Forward or Moving Backwards

One year ago we were all hoping to get better with our resources as well as health infrastructure, now that we look back can we way we have moved forward…

Confab’21 at IIM Kashipur

The jitters and the quivers start beaming as the time comes close to the dream of joining a good B-School. However, the uncertainty and the unanswered questions pertaining to various…