Dishes you must try in Jharkhand

Dishes you must try in Jharkhand


It is one of the most popular items in the Jharkhand and is part of every household. If you are decided for a journey to Jharkhand then you must try Dhuska at once you will love it. It is usually consumed as a breakfast item and is being prepared from rice and lentil batter and then fried later. It is served with black chickpeas (gughni) curry.


For the people who carve for sweetener, Malpua is the special dessert of Jharkhand. It is made from flour, milk and ripe fruits. This dessert is one of the famous street food of Jharkhand.

Chilka Roti

It is one of those dishes which are prepared using rice and lentil batter. In Jharkhand, it is prepared in the households during festive seasons and special occasions and is enjoyed along with aalo dum or black chickpeas(gughni). It is quite similar to dosa.


It is kind of rice made from rice flour which is shaped and optionally filled with stuffings like sweets jaggery, sugar and coconut chura veggies like potatoes, cabbage and lentils like urad or channa dal, later it can be steam or shallow fry. It is often made during an occasion.

Aalu Choka

It is a dish which is prepared in the state of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is generally prepared with mashed potatoes, chopped onion and spices and eaten as a side dish with Lentils and Rice (Dal and bhat).

Anuradha Kumari

Anuradha Kumari is a food-blogger based out of Ranchi. She loves to explore new places and try new dishes.

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