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5 Things Students Must Know About Note Making

Praveen Regmi

ByPraveen Regmi

Mar 24, 2021

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Nowadays, study has become more and more hectic and there is a chance that you may end up being in the forget-learn-repeat loop. What you learn or read, 50% of it is vanished within 2-3 hours and most of it is lost within a week.So, it is extremely important to make notes of what you read and learn.

Here are five thing you must know while making notes :

Write Key Ideas

Write down only the key ideas, not the entire subject. It is pointless to write everything, just mention the topics which trigger your mind to give the complete insight of the topic.

Write Like Its For You

While making notes, we often focus on elaborating the topics that have been written, but we often tend to forget that the notes are meant for quick revision. Avoid writing in complex sentences and make sure that everything is crisp and concise.

Use Visual Aids

Try to convert notes in visual forms like flowcharts and maps. Science behind using flow charts and maps is to connect the dots and give us the clear picture by a visual representation, so it is easy to remember.

Don’t Aim for Perfection

Its okay not to have perfect notes. We need to understand that the sole purpose of a note is to convey a topic. Many students try to make decorative and colorful notes and focus less on what should be included as the content.

Brainstorm Before You Write

Don’t just copy everything that’s written in the book. Try to understand the subject and write it down in your own words. Always, remember the idea is to make the revision easier, not publish an entirely new book.

These five things will help you ensure that the notes remain useful to you throughout the academic season.