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A Temple To Remember

Priya Paul

ByPriya Paul

Sep 27, 2020

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Temples are the epitome of our Indian history. The word the temple is derived from the Latin word, templum.
Temples are our worship places where we go and pray to God for our family’s well-being.

One such temple of India is Brihadeeswara Temple situated in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur district.

Source : India.com

Interesting facts about this temple

1) It was constructed by Raja Cholan- I of the Cholan Dynasty. His sister and the king himself were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva.

2) It is among the largest temples of the country. This temple along with Airavatesvara temple and Gangaikonda Cholapuram is known as the ‘Great Living Chola Temple’ and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3) The entire temple is made of 130,000 tons of granite and signifies the supremacy, wealth and valor of Raja Cholan.

The Main Entrance

4) The statue of Nandiji is carved out of a single stone.

5) The perfect example of Dravidian Architecture. From the Epigraphical evidence it is mentioned that Rajaraja-I started building this temple on his 19th year and completed on 275th day of his 25th year. It took just 6 years to complete this work on 1010 A.D

6) It holds the record of housing the World’s tallest temple tower which is 216 ft high. The inspiration to build the temple came to Raja Cholan – I during his visit to Sri Lanka and is a result of the dream he had.

7) The temple has a portrait of Raja Cholan-I paying obeisance to Lord Natarajar. This is undoubtedly, the first ever instance of a royal portrait.

8) Some inscriptions also mention the different kinds of jewels used in the period. Each of these jewels are mentioned in detail. A total of 23 different types of pearls, 11 varieties of diamonds and rubies are mentioned in these inscriptions.


Do you know that this temple has many accolades under its name?

Thanjavur Periya Koil ( the other name of this temple)  is the biggest creation of Cholas and is visible from any area in Thanjavur, perhaps the only temple with such magnificient characteristics.

On its 1000th birthday in September 2010, a Commerative rupee postage stamp, featuring the 216 feet tall Raja Gopuram (Vimana) was released by the India Post. A 5 rupee coin was released by the Reserve Bank of India. A 1000 Rupees Commemorative Coin with the same picture on the 5 rupees coin of Thanjavur Periya Kovil is also there.

Sources : https://thanjavur.info/thanjavur-tourism/brihadeeswarar-temple-thanjavur/

How to Reach There

The temple route is easily accessible from airports, railway stations and other modes of connectivity.

The nearest airport is Tiruchirappalli Airport, just 60.8 kms to the temple.

The nearest railway station is Thanjavur Railway Station, 1.9 kms from the temple.

You can even take your car to visit this temple and can be reached through bus connectivity.

I hope you all liked my new style. The reason to write a mini travelogue was to boost everybody’s morale and energy admist this pandemic.

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Till then, Keep planning for your next trip and Stay Safe!

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