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Artificial Intelligence: Machinity or Humanity

Rajsekhar Haldar

ByRajsekhar Haldar

Jul 1, 2020

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   Human is an “innovative being”, the basic attribute that makes human the crown of creation is the fact that he not only believes in discovering the “ART” of doing things but also creates a “SCIENCE” on how to do those things. Thus, intelligence and innovation have almost become synonymous to the creature called as human.

     The algorithm of evolution of human has been continuous and thus reveals a story….like the Homo Erects, then the Homo Sapiens…finally, the modern man and now when technology merges with evolution it has created the most modern breed…the virtual avatars…what we now know as “HUMANOIDS”. Now the story which it reveals is, as intelligence grew in many folds during this “process” the wisdom has not grown in the same proportion rather it has seen a downward fall…but we have evolved.      Today’s era is called as the “Digital Era” and we are fortunate to have the most sophisticated technological tools at our disposal. Intelligence and logic what was once considered to be the feature of the cognitive mind, now has been “replicated, synthesized and transferred”.

     When Intelligence becomes artificial from natural the major question which looms over this era is that….Will machine learning and artificial intelligence be the future of HUMANITY?  On one hand AI claims to make our machines more intelligent and our lives more comfortable on the other hand there is an uneasy seismic wave which AI has created and as “it” advances… the wave also spreads across all dimensions. This wave has created a conflict between the humane aspects of life and technological perspectives in life (i.e. between Machinity and Humanity).For example,

  • If in future the doctors and nurses are replaced with AI systems for better efficiency …will those “systems and softwares” provide the same level of humane touch of care/warmth.

  Yes, “CARE/WARMTH”… which is beyond the scope of mere medical advice and assistance….

   In the world of artificial intelligence, there is nothing like working with a whole heart or passionately. Care or concerns are not present in the machine intelligence dictionary.

  • If in future the judges are replaced with intelligent systems for speedy justice.

  Now justice being a core humane principle…can the “Essence of Justice” too be replicated by just teaching our machines…    Machines do not have any emotions and moral values. They perform what is programmed and cannot make the judgment of right or wrong. Even cannot take decisions if they encounter a situation unfamiliar to them. They either perform incorrectly or breakdown in such situations.

A pertinent question now looms which is as follows-

         Do WE want “Creativity or Imagination” in future?….These are not the forte of artificial intelligence. While they can help you design and create, they are no match for the power of thinking that the human brain has or even the originality of a creative mind. Human beings are highly sensitive and emotional intellectuals. They see, hear, think and feel. Their thoughts are guided by the feelings which completely lacks in machines. The inherent intuitive abilities of the human brain cannot be replicated.

The ethos of humanity and machinity are rather inversely proportional to each other

The Uneasy questions which we as an entire human race face are……………

 Will our friends made up of silicon “Complement” us or “Replace” us?…

      Are we safe when we trust on a “non-living creature” programmed with the most sophisticated algorithms…do we have an algorithm which is ethical?…

     Can machines have wisdom?… or do we have a database of wisdom from which wisdom can be transferred as mere packets of data to the system……

     So many questions…so many rapid developments in AI at the same time…what is next to follow……perhaps the INTELLIGENCE KNOWS…..

Time to put our thinking hats on.

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