• Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

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Divyanshi Srivastava

Hi everyone, I am Divyanshi, A simple and talkative girl who love reading, expressing views, learning new skills and making friends.
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Depression does not discriminate

“Depression”, this term seems to be very simple but actually, it is not so.  Depression is something, which can affect anyone, anytime, and most importantly, it does not discriminate. This…

Why Non – Commercial movies are not usually Box – office hit?

Film Production is an art as well as a business and every businessman wants to make a profit out of his/her investment. No businessman would like to put his money…

Racism Still Prevails in Bollywood

India is combination of  unique cultures, and Bollywood is one of them. Bollywood has some unique features in its own ways: glamorous outfits, beautiful and classy casts, amazing dialogues, energetic…

Censorship in OTT Platform

Over the top, (OTT)  platform is quite an influential media service that is streaming online. It’s been four years and this medium is ruling over the hearts and minds of…