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5 Online Classes Tips To Make the Most of Them

In the wake of COVID-19, our lives have changed drastically. Everyone is affected by it, whether people going to offices, students attending schools, tuitions, and migrant workers in cities. Students…

Life After College: 10 Things That You Will Miss

For the most of us, life changed in 2020. There was a lockdown announced and it redefined the way everything works, including our colleges. The freshman year filled with interactions,…

5 Heritage Spots in Students Must Visit

Let us have a look at heritage spots that are a must-visit for students; from which people can learn about various things. The places recommended in this article are recommended…

Farmers’ Protest: Deviated from its path?

The farmers’ protest has crossed the 200-day mark, making it one of the largest protests to gather such mass reach and coverage. It has connected people in various ways. But…