Are You Terrified Enough to be a World Champion?

Are You Terrified Enough to be a World Champion?

I want you to be terrified. Yes, you read it right. I want you to be terrified of sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. I want you to be terrified of loosing your identity in this world. I want you to be terrified of not being the greatest of all time of your industry. Because, in reality, this is what you really need to be afraid of: Being a ‘Nobody’.

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, look in the mirror and ask yourself why are you here? Why are doing what you’re about to do? Shout out loud ‘I will take ownership of my mistakes, my shortfalls, my problems, and that’s why I will also take ownership of my success.

There are a thousand people out there to compete with you, at every stage, They might have more talent than you, they might be more smarter than you, they might have more money than you, but they will never outwork you.

The formula is simple, it is the guy who is willing to grind himself the most and bleed in practice, will be the guy who gets to taste success.

So, move out of your comfort zone. If it takes 100 pushups to become a master, you do 200. If it takes a 1000 photographs to become a photographer, you do 10,000. If it takes 5000 words to become a writer, you do 50,000. Don’t Stop.

You tried something once, it didn’t work, try it twice, thrice. If somebody practices 3 hours, you practice 5. Because being great isn’t good sometimes, you have to be better than great.

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, ask yourself am I willing to sacrifice my comfort for my dreams? Am I just hungry or am I starving for success? When I have a chance to walk this earth, will I make an impact?

Shower your unwavering dedication to your goal. Shut the energy vampires around you to become the undisputable champion of your craft. If somebody tells you to stop, go faster. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft. The journey to the top is not comfortable, but it is worth.

Have the discipline to fight yourself, to push boundaries, to challenge your own limit, to break your own records. Have the discipline to be successful. Success is not about what you do at a big stage, success is all about what you do when nobody is watching you.

And in this pursuit of success, you will fail. But, failure is just a stage. Keep pushing. Always remember, it doesn’t matter how it ends, it matters how you gonna finish.

History prefers legends to those who hustle.