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How Well Do You Know the Bihari Language?

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ByCampus Beat

Jul 16, 2020

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Bihari Words Quiz

How well is your understanding of the Bihari language?  The total time for the quiz is 2 minutes.

You need to score 80% to pass the Quiz.

1 / 7

What is  the meaning of गरदा?

2 / 7

What is the antonym of जुआया ?

3 / 7

What is the meaning of the word: भीतरगुन्ना

4 / 7

What is the meaning of एकबैक?

5 / 7

What is the meaning of ढ़ीठ ?

6 / 7

What is the meaning of अन्नस?

7 / 7

What is the meaning of  मेहराना ?

Your score is

The average score is 71%