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#Binod your time is over now!

Priya Paul

ByPriya Paul

Sep 10, 2020

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Stay away from rumours
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What has happened to this world! Ashes of despair, doubt, anxiety, and other things, triggered by these useless Ted talks on the Prime-time News Channel! Yes, friends, this is what we experience when we see all the fiery debates on TV. Televisions are supposed to enlighten and educate us with the real facts and happenings of this world. But now, they have been occupied by the press and social media trials, completely ignoring the important issues of our country.

The Saddest Show On Earth

Ever since the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) has arrested Rhea Chakraborty for her drugs angle, the media is going haywire on it.
Every news channel is just focusing on that issue, rather than showing that India’s GDP has crash-landed to -23.9% during this Covid-19. Ring a bell, anyone?

Do you know that a woman was harassed on 6th September publicly in front of Government officials? Maybe, who knows! Or the news where India has created history by winning the International Chess Olympiad, along with Team Russia?

I bet very few know about this because our media never focused on this news nor allowed it to grab the spotlight. It is our Indian audience only [not everyone one] who wants to be super-cool by getting themselves updated with all the masala gossips, glamour-glitz, fake news of the film industry, rather than knowing the current affairs of our country [leave alone the world]; Bizzare, right!

The menace of fake news is showing no sign of fading despite the government regulatory measures and other steps taken by social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Misuse of Social Media

You all must have witnessed the whopping popularity of #Binod on all the social media platforms. But, my question is, Kon hai ye Binod? Is he a politician or a celebrity that the whole nation is going crazy on this.

The useless and meaningless social media trends too are adding fuel to the fire. This is enough to eliminate the worth of important news of this nation.


Stop making useless issues like #Binod, a trending topic on social media. Try to raise and create awareness on important issues.

  1. Make sure you don’t believe in fake news nor forward it to groups without assessing it yourself beforehand.
  2. Media is Media, their job is only to increase TRP of their channels by showing all the gossips and unethical topics, which we can’t stop. But, we can at least unfollow or ignore them whenever they’re surfacing on the Pacific Ocean of Social Media.
  3. The government too has made laws like the Information Technology Act, 2000 for curbing fake news. They should try to avoid crackdowns on the news media’s ability to cover the news. Those activities limit freedom of expression and hamper the ability of journalists to cover political developments.
  4. They should avoid censoring content and making online platforms liable for misinformation.

Thus, the print media and social media are the biggest awareness centres of our country from where we can update ourselves with all the trending topics of this globe. It shouldn’t become a fake-news, hatred-news, useless -news hub. Media is like the mirror of this society which is supposed to shine brightly for its uniqueness, positivity and energy rather than filled with malice, greed, anxiety, suspicion, etc.

Till then, Happy Reading and Stay Safe! Merci.

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