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BJP Hazaribagh Helping the Corona Warriors

Campus Beat

ByCampus Beat

Sep 22, 2021

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“Service to humanity is service to god ”
Humanity, a familiar word which we all have heard daily but practising humanity in your daily life is like a task. During the pandemic, when we all were worried about our health, future and many more things, our real-life heroes were serving the COVID patients and were saving many lives.

To support such Corona Warriors, Youths of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Hazaribagh has done some impactful work for these heroes. Shashank Shekhar one of the youth members of BJP Hazaribagh and the District Coordinator of Hazaribagh served meals to many people and helped many people by providing them food.

He has also extended his help to the Corona Warriors at the Sadar Hospital Hazaribagh by providing them with meals and other support items. Shashank Shekhar has set a real image of humanity by taking a step forward to help those who need it and to those who were helping others. Writing, reading and telling someone about humanity is an easy task but to act on it is a real task.