[Blog] Life is BIT redefined.

[Blog] Life is BIT redefined.

Written by Ayush Kumar

Today, when I look back to the first picture I had clicked in this college, I remember I was never confident if I would really be able to make it here.

Well, to start with a basic introduction, I don’t know who, from where, is reading this but if you know about my college, that’s probably because, either you, or any acquaintance of yours must have been to this out of the world place called BIT lalpur. I hope the sarcasm reaches everyone.

For the first few days it felt like I was in the school itself, where kids of opposite sex sat apart to avoid any sort of physical contact. The only difference here was that we didn’t have to sit apart, as the college has different timings for classes for both. So, female interaction felt a mirage.

I was entering into a life which wasn’t my first choice at all. The first C programming lecture brought me the realization that I wasn’t a tech-geek, in any way.

 When you drown, you look for help. And when I remember the day which brought the enlightenment that ”printf()” function doesn’t print anything on paper, the realization was like a 6ft guy, drowning in a 3 feet deep pool. In course of finding a lifeguard at that point of time, I found these idiots, each one an even crazier maniac.

Here we go. My first friend in the college was this fat guy, Himanshu. As of now, when himanshu sits on my scooter, I realize he was rather fit in the first year. Himashu , the guy whom you’ll never find at Ranchi on weekends. I bet 500 bucks, you can’t find him at his falt on weekends. Since the day I have known him,in these 3 years, Himanshu has never missed the bus to his native place every Friday. The reason I am so sure is that I am the guy who drops him to the bus stand every Friday so that he catches the bus. In these 3 years, We, his friends, haven’t been able to crack this secret of what makes him run to home every week.

Up next, is Rajsekhar Haldar, who had an uncountable number of girlfriends, we don’t know how. An ICSE brat who studies 9 hours a day (I assume that number). You take his name in the exam hall and that scares the shit out of him. Raj doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke(pun intended). Basically one of those unpredictable character you meet in your life. I’ll unfold some more incidents further.

The 3rd guy is Akshat Ved, the Back up professor of students. Akshat ved is the topper of the batch. Ironically, he has no identifiable traits of a topper,except that he covers the syllabus before anybody else in the college does. People book him for last moment preparations. He enjoys food from good restaurants while teaching them and helping people pass the exams. In short *dev manus*.

Despite being at *BIT LALPUR*, I have been able to laugh whole heartedly and enjoy my college days. Akshat and I have gatecrashed garba concerts, marriage functions (which unfortunately ended the moment we entered the resort). We’ve bunked classes to have Biryani, and have made our friend X(can’t reveal the name, but you’re smart enough to guess) booze in the name of “isko to chadhti hi nahi” that he puked on Anurag’s bed (not to forget, Anurag is our 5th squad member who has a stock of beer, rum, whiskey and what not(He’s a well built man, an NDA dropout). While this *puking* incident was happening, I was at home while Akshat was at a movie theatre. It was around 8 in the evening when Anurag rang me up and said ” bhai ek gadbad ho gya h”  and the first thing that I asked was “abe bhosdka mar war to nhi gaya?” the day summed up with His(X’s) father came to pick his son in a drunken state, and what happened further is history itself.

Himanshu is harami! He has not shown up on my birthday in these 3years. Even then, the best things about him is that he knows the best places to eat, and would pay without hesitation. He has a girlfriend in Mcluskyganj, whom he visits every Friday.

We four, who were so conscious during lectures in the first semester, now sleep on the first desk. Along with all the fun we have had in college, they play an important role(except Himanshu😛) to help and support each other in times of need.

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  1. 3 mistakes of my life “B” “I” “T” . I can’t recall what I have learnt in this past 3 years . Just hopeless dreams . Hope after this traumatizing 3 years I will be back to normal again . 😩

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