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Bollywood in Politics: Are the filmstars good enough to lead the country?

Utkarsh Mishra

ByUtkarsh Mishra

Apr 7, 2021

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A number of stars from Hindi movies, Bhojpuri cinema, and other film industry come in political arena. From Delhi itself, we had several celebrities namely Manoj Tiwari, Hansraj Hans who jumped into this battle. Raj Babbar, Jaya Prada, Virendra Singh, Nirahua or Dinesh Lal Yadav are some other names to mention. In the southern part of India, many celebrities have left a mark in the movies that catapulted them into politics. For example, MG Ramachandran, regarded as one of the most influential actors in Tamil cinema, rose to power and became a minister in Tamil Nadu.

It is not always for the celebrities to take up political challenges, especially for women. Often, they are presupposed to be lacking the qualities necessary to be representative of the people. We also have the example of example of Smriti Irani who was persistent with her hard work in politics even after she lost the Amethi seat in 2014 and ultimately defeated Rahul Gandhi in 2019.

But the main question is why political parties are fascinated by celebrities and prefer them over grassroots leaders who work hard to nurture a constituency? It is repetitive aspect to cause heartburn among local leaders and give the opposition a moral weapon. Many factors can be attributed to the call for celebrities: Being famous and in the public gaze for years, they are brand as political outsiders by the opponents.

However in India, celebrity politicians are known for taking a stand on politically divisive issues and matters that have adverse socio-cultural consequences for society. Here ,I am not concluding that celebrities can’t become good politicians. Only being a celebrities this is not a one way to elect them. One of key factors in democracy is trust factor between the voter and representatives. So this duty for all to maintain this.