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Casteism: Certification To Incompetency And Injustice.

Gulshan Singh

ByGulshan Singh

Oct 15, 2020

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India, a house of Diversity. A country where its culture and ethnicity is the most beautiful thing to witness. From the best spices to the best species everything here is an exception.

From having the best history of the world to dominating the entire globe, India has truly been a rising exception in everything that it has done so far. A huge diversity of language, clothes, food, behavioral pattern, and everything else makes India look like the best version of itself.

When we hold such a great history we need to ensure that our coming future is equally great too. And hence it becomes an important responsibility to every individual to contribute their bit to the growth and the development of the nation, and this is only possible when equal opportunities will be shared between every individual.

Until we provide a platform for every existing individual, we won’t be able to see equal growth. And EQUALITY is what our ancestors fought for.

And what hinders it, is the CASTE SYSTEM IN INDIA OR CASTEISM. Before we begin talking about how it hinders our society, let us understand why and how the Casteism was brought into action.


Since the very olden times, Hinduism is something that has been practiced and is still being practiced by a large number of people in India. So further these Hindus were segregated into five main castes based on the work they performed and they were:-

(1) Brahmins ( the priestly class, the academic class)

(2) Kshatriyas ( Rulers, Administrators, Warriors)

(3) Vaishyas ( Artisans, tradesman, farmers, merchants)

(4) Shudras (Manual Workers)

(5) Dalits (Cleaners or menial workers)

The Dalits are also said to be, ‘ Untouchables ‘. Although the term is very controversial.

So every individual was assigned a caste during the birth that was followed by his\her ancestors, and they had to follow that. From the British era, the Britishers only appointed the higher castes people as their work partners to work with. Which later was bound to create a conflict between the lower class and the upper class due to an uneven share of the equality.

Now it wasn’t just a race to grab the opportunities but instead, it became a race to prioritize their community and caste. This created a huge conflict between the lower and the upper class to reach the position of power, and thereon to date, there has been drawn a major line of inequality between the castes which has turned to cruelty.


No, it was strictly not needed. From the very beginning itself, it should have been an equal share of opportunities and opinions based on merit only. Nobody should be given the credit without valid merit. Casteism is what kills merit, and encourages people to promote their casteism rather than to show effort and grow as an individual.

I cannot talk about what the world has to say, but I can talk about things based on my experience. I was not given admission to the college despite having marks in distinction. I was made to run to make a caste certificate just to get a job. And there are millions more like me in every corner of the globe. Who do you hold accountable for? Is my merit not even a part of your discussion?

One has to understand that caste kills the ability of a person to perform better, you cannot be using that as a shield to protect your incompetency and cover your failures. Before the nation, or before the community this globe is home to every individual where equal food and opportunities should be shared.

I belong to a high caste family but I hate the cruelty that they cause to each other on the names of castes. Back then my family didn’t even allow the low caste people to come within our compound. How cruel it sounds, that despite creating all the mess we call ourselves humans. This is surely not what our ancestors fought for.


Well, it won’t be wrong to say that casteism is a certificate that says, oh! I’m incompetent or I’m not trying to make an effort but still, I will have more number of opportunities and tries as compared to you. This game of superiority and inferiority needs to be stopped. This is not only turning a point of debate but is also turning a reason for a lot of people for losing lives, committing crimes, and facing injustice at every aspect of the life.

This has not been an unknown fact that a lot of political parties use the castes as a soft target to gain votes. We need to rise above all these clutches of society because the adverse effects are going to be faced by the coming generation as well. And they are our children, we need to create a better world for them. We need to remove India from the clutches of the so-called CASTEISM.

Below given are the few incidents that demonstrate the cruelty of the casteism:-

(1) Despite the laws to protect Dalits, 40000 cases were registered due to injustice caused to the lower class community.

(2) A 24-year-old boy, whose body was found in the field suffering multiple fractures, only because he had a ringtone of one of the influencers of the Dalit community and he denied to change that.

(3) A 25-year-old boy was allegedly beaten to death in 2014 because of organizing a birthday party of a Dalit influencer.

(4) A woman was made to sit on the floor in the panchayat sabha just because she belonged to a lower caste community.

(5) OBC groom was beaten up for riding a horse during a Wedding Procession.

(6) The recent rape cases happening around are also enough to prove what havoc has already been created.

Well, these are just incidents that people refer, read, and forget. But this has to be taken as something more than that. Many more cruel things keep happening around, but their screams are denied, hidden, and avoided.

The Caste System has left the entire country in a mess. The positions that could change the society are being snatched and given to undeserving people while the merit people are just being sent home back. Society and system turn blind to every injustice happening to people belonging to low castes. Their voices are suppressed, rights are snatched, bodies are torn, just because they don’t belong to a caste that the other belongs? Who gives you the right to decide what is right for someone else?

We talk about DEMOCRATIC INDIA. Where everyone is free to have opinions, opportunities, and earn their independence. Then why do people around still have to suffer this way? Let’s ask questions to ourselves, ARE WE REALLY MAKING ANY SENSE? IS ANYONE OUT OF HERE, ENJOYING A TRUE DEMOCRACY?

Absolutely Not. Let’s rise back India, and live the true essence of, Equality, Peace, and Growth. Let equal opportunities be shared, let people feel heard and accepted, let’s break the barriers of you and me, and let’s just indulge ourselves in the colors of WE.

Let’s fight for every individual who’s been deprived of his or her rights and let’s tell them that the world still cares for you, we still care for you. Let’s build a platform of blessing for all the injustice that happened so far.