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The Trap of Cynicism

It’s 2020. The vision of an Incredible India vastly unrealized, shattered in pieces of mass unemployment, a depressed economy, rising fascistic tendencies, a horrid spectacle of an actor’s suicide and…

Fault lines in Online Education

Since COVID-19 has significantly disrupted  the education sphere across schools and colleges, online education and virtual learning has come to the rescue. The nationwide lockdown, enforced to minimize the spread…

The Social Media Saga

Author: Debanjana Well if you are a millennial, you know social media. You know what it is, and pros and cons to it. So, here is my take on this…

We Know Why Kokilaben Got Angry

If you dive into the meme-scape that internet is, you might have noticed words like “Kokilaben,” “Rashi,” “Gopi Bahu,” and “Rasode” have splashed the internet for the past few days.…