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Naked, Torn, Raped, Hungry, and Murdered. Whose children are they?

Gulshan Singh

ByGulshan Singh

Oct 1, 2020

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Welcome to the new era of Humanism. An era where someone among us has to die in order to awaken the entire society. An era where moral values have turned old and ruling over the weak is the new trend. An era where your caste will decide whether you should live or die and even if you live you’re never sure that if it’s gonna be made heaven or hell. An era where education is not perceived as a weapon of change, an era where women are downtrodden and crushed under the pleasures of men, an era where humanism is at constant competition with cruelty. Welcome to the new era of Humanism with Harshness.

So much development we all talk together but never dare to raise a voice together. We come from such a strong history but yet we’re the weakest in almost every term. We’ve taken the freedom for granted, and until and unless it harms your own individual skin you won’t realise what hell we’ve made out of such a beautiful society once.

We’re so much engrossed in harshness that we forget we exist because of humanity. Every minute when we breathe in blessing there’s a child getting pulled out of school, there’s a child getting constantly abused, raped, sold and God knows what more. And when you go to them you’ll be shocked to hear that they had dreams too, but society made them lame. Yes, we made them lame.

We’re so poor that we could not even afford to promise them to give a better future. Which development are we talking about then? Is it like your child is privileged and therefore you think that all the children of the world are privileged too? No. All are not privileged like you and me.

You’ll be shocked to know that, the football that you buy or the cake that you buy, the sellers haven’t even given enough to their own children to play or eat it. What world are we exactly making? Isn’t it scary? Why are we denying to use a part of our blessing and platform to raise these kids and these societies?

The change will never begin on its own, one has to begin the walk individually. You just change one life and do your bit and after that, it will nurture life in its own way.

Every child is our child and is also the strongest strength of the nation. And we as a responsible citizen need to protect and care for them because if we’re not doing nobody else is doing either. The society that we live in and the one it’s turning into is really deadly. The people in the power of position are turning dumb and deaf to our problems, whom do we talk about our problems then? Our daughters are getting raped and killed everyday, where do we go now? My children are starving every day, tell me what exactly your world is doing for us? My 5-year-old child is alone at home and I’m working here, who would look after him if he cuts his hand. He might be crying bitterly.

Where do I go and register a complaint regarding all these? What have we exactly done after the freedom?

And these questions leave us in a terror. Education is not about earning money it’s about the uplifting of life and putting it in a nurturing direction. We’ve really not done anything for our children, we were busy living in the luxury that our ancestors left for us. How many more children do we need dead and lost? How many Nirbhaya and Malvika do we need more? How many screams do we need more?

As an individual, it breaks me and shatters me into pieces that my children, my people are suffering through this and all we’re doing is closing eyes, ears, and mouth. I don’t know when the world will change maybe never! But I know about an individual pledge that every individual like you and me can take that says “no matter how small or big my platform is I would always lift up others around me. “

Let’s pledge this together and let’s reach out to all those children who are waiting and trusting in the existence of humanism, and let’s win this war and create, Humanism over Harshness once again.

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