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Life After College: 10 Things That You Will Miss

Sanidhya Garg

BySanidhya Garg

Apr 7, 2021

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For the most of us, life changed in 2020. There was a lockdown announced and it redefined the way everything works, including our colleges. The freshman year filled with interactions, making new friends, and fun was ultimately replaced by a 15-inch laptop screen with virtual friends. Here are a few points that the batch of 2020 definitely missed in college:


It’s the best place in the college according to many people. Over here you can find a soothing atmosphere which helps you to relax your mind. You can read amazing novels, journals, course books, and magazines in various languages like Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi, etc. Also, several CDs and DVDs are available which help in research works. Even the borrowing system is an elixir to many students. A perfect place to study and complete college assignments.


A perfect place to know and play with many new players and show and improve your skillset. Even if you don’t know a sport, you can always join and be a part of that sport and learn. College provides the facilities and a proper platform to increase your skills. It offers various sports like basketball, cricket, football, badminton and many many more. You can even take part in several sports competitions.


Food lovers are in for a treat as they get various options as Delhi’s streets are filled with it. Delhi’s momos, Natraj’s dhaibhala, paraanthe waali gully, Chole Bhature, etc. just brings water in our mouths. Food lovers definitely need to visit and try these platters.


College societies are a place that is a must for grooming. Not only that, you learn a lot by working for society and by working for a society you gain knowledge and experience which you might find nowhere. These college societies are like a family where you work, play, and have fun with each other. There are various kinds of societies and students can join them as per their interests. They have societies like Arts Society, Finance society, MUN Society, debating society, and many many more.


It’s the best and the never forgettable part of the college. You make friends which remain a part of our life forever (which might be very little time to describe such an experience). They will help you every time and are there for you no matter what time is it. We guys are equal partners in pranks, tease each other, and whatnot. They will fight with you even on the smallest of topics but will be there to protect you from others cause that’s what friends do! They are like another family to you and life without them is unimaginable.


Societies put in a lot of effort and organize several fests in a year. In this, you get to take part in several competitions, put in your hard work to gain an edge, and see several live performances of several great singers like Arijit Singh, Baadshah, and many more. It’s just a fun time with a lot to learn. 


The colleges have several markets around them. Especially in Delhi University, there is a huge market all near it. You can explore several markets near your colleges which are absolutely a delight and a marvelous place at festivals. You can go shopping with your friends, check out handicrafts and watch movies.


A perfect place to hang out with your friends and try various dishes of your college is a treat. Though a nightmare for us (in some dishes), but these are the ones which we remember a lot due to their taste. A place where we build memories and our sagas and keep them for long to cherish.


Going for group studies at a friend’s place and doing rote learning just a few days before exams is one thing to remember which eventually leads to night outs and sleepovers which are a fun part. This time goes quite down in memory lane.


This section contains several things like preparing for fests and bunking lectures in its name, hiding and using phones under the books, using chits to talk to each other in the middle of the class. Thinking of clothes to wear daily is a huge task. Clicking pics of each other in mid classes. We get to know our seniors who guide us and help in every way possible.