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Which Type of College Student Are You?

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Jul 17, 2020

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Types of College Student

Answer these questions and we will tell you which type of college student you are.


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Which Type of College Student Are You?
The Achiever

You are curious about subjects and ask frequent questions. Other students call you 'Teacher's Favorite'. You often score high mark in subjects without even studying hard.
The Backbencher

People ask you for 'Proxy' attendance and initializing 'Mass Bunk' plans. You don't take life too seriously. You're the most selfless person in the entire class, because you keep students in the class entertained through your regular 'activities'. When you're absent, people miss you.
The Social Media Wizard

You feel that every activity of the classroom should be recorded and shared on social media. In class, the phone never leaves your hand. You take notes with your camera, and mostly, you’re either texting, making funny faces on Snapchat or sharing a weird photo of your teacher on Instagram.
The Celebrity

You're the coolest person in college. People look up to you - certainly not for studies. Almost everyone, from the Chaiwaala to the college dean knows you personally. You're generally active in college clubs and annual events.
The Lover

You leave no stone unturned to express love. You would fight and die for your love. Other students may or may not find you expressing love simultaneously to different people - but that's a different story altogether. Your stories of love are known to the entire college.

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