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Communication and Technology Coincide

Shivangi Dubey

ByShivangi Dubey

Nov 29, 2020

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Advancement in technology and communication go hand in hand. Betterment in technical aspects has promoted faster decision making and resulted in rapid progress at a global level.

A lot more than just a timeline of episodes consists history of communication development. It’s a story of events and incidents that revolutionized the world with its technological call improvements and innovations.

Advanced Communications

PTT {Push to Talk}, is a radio-like service that allows a cell phone to be used as a walkie talkie for a simple and easy method to interact with just a push of a button. PTT is also gaining immense ground in the present scenario.

Maintaining Public Relations

Communication has been the driving force between globalization and economic growth. The arrival of the internet opened doors for personal communication. For the last century, technical advancement has aided globalization. For instance, the introduction of emails replaced posted mails and social media took over the corners of the world. The emergence of Facebook, Skype, Instagram, and WhatsApp enhanced our lives further in making the world more integrated. Video conferencing has played a considerate role in promoting decision making. Moreover, social media took over the place of text messages with advanced features.

Digital marketing methods SEO, PPC and Google Adwords are creating brand awareness with facilities of mass interaction with a targeted audience. Most of the business processes largely depend on technology for communication be it B2B or B2C type interaction. The takeover of BYOD {Bring Your Own Device} in companies has made personal devices like tablets, smartphone iPads common in workplaces which turned communication a mere effort of taping.

Reel and Real Interaction

A growing body of research is examining the relationship between personality and usage of the internet. The study says the people who are using the internet heavily have seemed to be alienated from the off-screen social world and lack a significant sense of interaction. Research shows that intense technical relationships tend to have high negative effects on the personality and communication skills of any individual. A highly active person on screen can be an introvert in the real world.

Technical Revolutions

Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world on the simplest aspects of lives. Technical facilities of tools and resources that have enabled communication at our fingertips and information on any field all around the globe just a tap away. Ways for multi-functional devices has been paved by technical advancement like smartphones, smartwatches, and so on, which give incredibly faster results. These are more portable and highly powered than ever before. With all these resolutions in technology, life has been faster, better, easier, cheaper, more compatible, convenient, and fun.