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Rajsekhar Haldar

ByRajsekhar Haldar

Jul 27, 2020

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Now to all my readers who are well aware of stuffs like BIG DATA, DBMS, RDBMS, Tuple relational calculus etc etc may find it amusing and funny to read further but my few simple and perhaps foolish questions to them are…

Respected people,

  • If I ask a common housewife who just got her first smartphone today.
  • If I ask that old mother who got her first smartphone from her son in US so that she could see her son once daily virtually……
  • If I ask that lonely grandpa who only had the opportunity of seeing his grandchildren grow on What’s App’s video calls, Zoom and Skype calls…
  • If I ask those parents who have just paid extra money to some so-called “AGENTS” to pay their son/daughter’s fees ONLINE just because they are not well versed with the “online payment system”

              What is this “data” all about?

              They would give me a “look” which is quite “self-explanatory” in nature….

   Do they all know the stuff of “DATA SCIENCE” which realty bothers them or affects them, do they know the implications of sharing their data which they obviously do in the process of using these apps…

   Now I think my point is getting a bit clearer….you people (all the techies and techno savvies) you might say.. ”WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL”….. “We” know the data driven business models of today’s IT giants and we since we are AWARE we ensure the means by which we keep our DATA SAFE….Fine…

  • ”YOU” know everything about data but do “THEY” know it?
  • “YOU” know ransomware attack shook up the world but do “THEY” know it?
  • “YOU” know that there are 128 bit SSL encryptions and all but do “THEY” know it?

     On one hand India is growing in leaps and bounds in the field of information technology. The India mentioned here are in few pockets of Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai etc whose half of the conversations are filled with jargon s such as “data”, “cloud”, “Digi-banking”, “Encrypt”, “De-encrypt” so on and so forth but what about “THE BHARAT” which is still an agriculture-based land ad comprises of more than half of India’s demographic and socio-economic composition.

The world is witnessing an era where this era being symbolized as “Digital era”, “Technology-driven Era”, “Silicon driven era” and what not…..but it is more appropriate to term this era as “DATA DRIVEN ERA”.

In the same world INDIA is facing situations where there are poor people who have some different data on their bio metrics data of AADHAR.

Now people may call me a pessimistic and try to criticize me that I am AGAINST the digital push that INDIA is witnessing of-late….no…I am not…

I am only trying to bring things in perspective and trying to ask-

Are we as a NATION ready for being a “Data driven system” where we suddenly move huge volume of data from dusty manual registers to the cloud infrastructure?

Are we as a NATION ready (in all aspects socio-economic as well in knowledge) to handle and unleash the infinite potential of data science and deal with its various repercussions efficiently?


Should we halt down a bit and spend MORE RESOURCES to equip/train the mass with this new technology and aim for a “steady sustainable growth” rather than “sky rocketing” in front of the world’s statistical eyes(to just score few brownie points)?

Should we grow as FEW or grow as ALL…..

Time to put our thinking hats on.

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