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[Poem] Dear Love

Ojuswi Singh

ByOjuswi Singh

Nov 12, 2019

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Dear Love,

I believe in you. Not because you have been so awesome to me. I hardly know you.

But have still always believed in you. Not because I think that you will suddenly happen to me and make my life awesome or sheer bliss or because you will give me those perfect ‘relationship goal pics’ or make well settled in the eyes of the world. For I have known the misery behind the four walls of a respected social family. I have known the empty hearts behind the most perfect smiling pics.

Dear Love,

 I know ill has happened in your name.  I know when only satisfying needs was portrayed as if you. And I know of people who actually believed in you have been robbed and ruined and shamed. And I know people telling me the stories of trusts brutally broken by the non other than the one whom called them their forever and more. And then I see people blaming it all on you as if it was all just your fall.  And they calmly wash off their hand as if you were the world’s only scam. And then I see young people so bought into that game that they are even scared to take you name.

Dear Love,

I see on you the stairs of blood of cast and religion of false honor and shame. I see how you have been tried to be tied by the walls of tradition in the name of dignity and reputation. I see big walls of class and  age and gender and surname.

But I see you each time trickling down effortlessly through those lanes. May be those endless tears of inhuman parting has given you that liquidity.

And have you eventually turned red with those innocent bloods shaded over for the centuries?

And they cleverly represent you with red may be to warn.  But the cleaver liquid flowing in all, is red. That warm blood, it is in the heart and it is the life.

If given a chance they can easily make an endless encyclopedia of whom not to love but those are the  cowards, always and in every form deprived of you. 

 Because love in all is unsafe, love is an affair of the brave.

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Dear Love,

I don’t exactly know what you are but I believe in you because I know those deaths and sacrifices could not be in vain.  Those legends of brave lovers in every folk tale cannot be a lie.

So many have written, sung and performed of you fondly and in all blossom. And millions have clapped, cried, cheered whole heartedly, as if touched by that unknown glory. In bits and pieces they have related to that unknown story.

All have in form experienced you.

It would be a lie if I say, like thousand other I don’t want to experience you in full blossom of a spring rose. Imparting my blushing cheeks its color.

Not just a cupids bow.

You are no less than a tornado but the tranquility you bring must also be intense may be that’s why they fall in you.  

That is all I have,we all have. Love to give and  love to get.

No hurry, no pressure.

I know you have dealings with faith and destiny.

And you happen as of your own wish.

But dear love please know that somehow

everyone here is waiting dearly for you.

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