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Depression does not discriminate

Divyanshi Srivastava

ByDivyanshi Srivastava

Oct 14, 2020

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“Depression”, this term seems to be very simple but actually, it is not so.  Depression is something, which can affect anyone, anytime, and most importantly, it does not discriminate. This is a state of mind that people who are suffering from, usually do not accept and prefer to ignore it. We live in a society where people consider it a taboo, and this does not allow the person suffering from it to open up and discuss about his or her sufferings and mental condition

Moreover, as I said, depression does not discriminate, depression just like any other person affects celebrities too. We, as audiences see our favorite celebrities ever smiling, entertaining. They make us laugh as well as cry with their acting on screens but they do have life off the camera as well. We know them only when they are on screen but we have no idea what are these celebrities going through off the screen. They get depressed too. These celebrities tend to be more vulnerable as compared to the common man. Have you ever thought the reason behind it? Why these celebrities get into depression? The very simple answer to this question is that famous celebrity, who is successful and at the top of his profession always tries to maintain his or her position and that gets them into stress about how to maintain that status and reach to still higher level.

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Here are few of the possible reasons of celebrities facing depression.

  1. When you are celebrity, you are under a constant judgment of society for your appearance, your behavior, they way you speak or portray the role. Imagine the pressure of being judged constantly. Many celebrities undergo for therapy to cope up with this problem.
  • Everyone’s life goes through highs and lows and the same happens with the celebrities too. They too get into financial crisis, professional competition and other professional issues which results in depression.
  • When you are celebrity, your entire life is like an open book. The people who admire these celebrities are totally into what they post on social media, what is going in their personal life, whom they love, whom they marry, and many other things for which they get trolled. This affects celebrities mentally and may lead to depression.
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But,  it’s okay to not to be okay, there are many celebrities like, Deepika Padukone, Chris Evans, Sophie Turner, Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and the list is endlessly long, who have spoken about mental health and had opened up about their mental illness. This clearly shows that big houses, bigger bank accounts, fancy cars, glamorous dresses, millions of admirers, celebs have it all, but all this also can’t save these celebrities from the  mental illness. At the end of the day, these celebs too have a normal life like us, they too have a family with whom they want to spend quality time with. However, their responsibility as an entertainer makes it difficult for them to live a normal life. They might have many friends in the virtual world but when it comes to the real world, they face social loneliness.

Mental health is a curable illness if the person discusses frankly with the medical consultant and follows their advice. Also, supporting each other is very necessary be it celebrity or a normal person.

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