Develop a Reading Habit during lockdown

Develop a Reading Habit during lockdown

Reading is the best thing or best habit you You will have for yourself .this Quarantine is very boring because we have never faced a situation like this before. we all loved to eat sleep and repeat but when actually the time has come to eat sleep and repeat we want to do something interesting, something productive and something which is not boring. But reading in itself sounds very boring ,tiring and something which takes a lot of effort. So here I am to help you how to read more books this Quarantine.

1.Quit Early: if you are stuck with the book since very long and you are not able to finish it because you are not finding it interesting enough to read it fast then quit it as soon as possible .That is not the book made for you if you don’t quit, you will be stuck with that and you will you lose interest in reading itself.That doesn’t mean that reading the first page and quitting the book ,read 2 to 3 pages understand what the book is all about and whether it is according to your interest or not and then leave the book.

2.Two books simultaneously: Even if you quit the unwanted book as early as possible still there are many chances that you would lose interest in a book which is according to your interest and is actually very interesting because that’s how human brain works, we cannot stick to the same thing for a long time.therefore I suggest that you read two books simultaneously whenever you get bored of the first one switch to the second one and make sure that both the books are completely different from each other in terms of the subject matter.believe me this helps in reading fast you’ll comparatively finished both of the books faster than when you would have done it if you would have read them all alone.this will even help your brain to retain things faster because you would be switching between different topics.

3. Have a dedicated reading time:Most of us don’t have a dedicated reading time and that makes it even more difficult to read more books.we do not consider reading a something important that we need to schedule it everyday but then don’t ever take reading as a secondary thing because it is a very essential part of would change you as a person and I am not joking believe me reading has many positive effects on your brain. Having a dedicated time slot food reading also helps you to maintain a particular time table which is very healthy for you ,your body and your mind.

4.20 pages daily: If you are someone who has just started reading or someone who is coming back to reading after a long break then this will really help you .Set a target to read 20 pages daily , 20 pages seems a very small target but when it comes to reality then it’s a pretty good target.initially you will find it easy to read 20 pages daily but do not stick to 20 pages in increase your target with every passing day.

5.Buy cheap books: The the biggest obstacle in reading books for us  teenagers is the price of books,if you visit a  good book shop you will find the prices of books very high so I suggest .so my hack to this problem is look for good books online and also invest in second hand books because  it does not matter how the books look from outside what matters is what is in it and what  the subject matter in it is.

So, these are the five best think you can do to read more and I hope that it would help you all to utilise this quadrant time time and the reading is a very good thing we must all read . Reading something very serious is not necessary reading something which interests you is what you should do.for example: if you are interested in reading about fashion read about fashion you don’t need to read about Adolf Hitler’s autobiography!Having said that you must also explore the different dimensions in which the subject matters are written and you should always change your taste of books because that helps you grow as a person , that helps you see a different variety of subject matter!All the very best for your reading endeavour!!!!

Apurva Roy

Apurva Roy

Apurva is currently pursuing BCA at BIT Mesra. An inquisitive person who loves to explore about things, she speaks what she feels. She also likes to keep a record of her thoughts by penning them down.

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