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Developmental Politics Or Segrementational Politics:- Where Exactly Is India Going?

Gulshan Singh

ByGulshan Singh

Oct 27, 2020

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“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes”. – Mahatma Gandhi.

Well the nation that our very own Bapu imagined or the other great personalities imagined, have utterly been failed by us. We’re not even anywhere close to achieving that.

I’m a citizen of this country, and today I feel the need to speak about the mess that is happening all around. Because this makes me feel sick and tired at every single thought.

If you carefully examine the journey that India started with, then you would get to know that we were a country that accepts and invites diversity. No matter how cruel or unwanted the partition of the country was, but all we followed after that was unity, harmony, peace, and respect towards every single religion that one practiced in our homeland.

Well, it won’t be wrong to say that the politics that we had in the earlier stages talked more about togetherness and in the context of people’s development. But today’s politics seem to be more like a SEGMENTATIONAL POLITICS. Well, by that I meant that the environment that we get to see today is kind of segregating people and religion as two different aspects.

Not only that the country feels such a chaotic now that people using the power of social media drive and fool the audience at the easiest cost. People at higher positions play victim cards and just because the nation is listening to them they spill out any kinds of stuff that is not appropriate.

Well the most, if I miss something in India, then that is DEMOCRACY. I know a lot of you are already offended, but let’s understand what democracy exactly means. Democracy means, “FOR THE PEOPLE, TO THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE”. That’s what exactly democracy states, now again quoting it, when I say, PEOPLE, it’s an amalgamation of HINDUS/ MUSLIMS/ CHRISTIANS and all other religion. People of the country are never only referred to as Hindus or Muslims. They are referred to as every individual who calls this land his/ her motherland.

Why are we fighting then? For what are we fighting then? If you people cannot see it clearly let me show you then, this chaos will one day end at taking away your lovable ones. It will end at taking away your families away. Every Hindu staying here is mine and every Muslim staying here is mine. This is exactly with what motive our ancestors fought for us.

The society that we’re living in is so driven with the baseless thoughts of the people that they forget using their own brains. I mean whatever incidents that are happening these many years have been of enough proof that we’re at no cost uniting, we’re just segregating ourselves.

Just because somebody gave you the right to use the word #boycott doesn’t mean you use it without heads and just like clothes. Come on grown-up people; please grow up. Let’s make this country more than just a controversial country.

Why not take responsibility for using your power of speech at correct and valid points and platforms. Let me talk about the recent incidents that India is going through.

We see many famous tv channels and journalists cutting out scenes from Bollywood movies and trying to show now and create chaos between the religions. I mean how cruel is it of someone to betray the same motherland that they live in. Let me tell you very bluntly no work profile ever teaches you to create a religious war in the country. This nation doesn’t belong to any particular individual practicing Hinduism, Islamism, or Christianism. This nation is of every person who calls this land his/ her motherland, because when the war for freedom began it was all religion together fighting for one motive. I mean let’s wake up, we’re dividing the nation more brutally than the Britishers ever did.

There’s so much political chaos created in the country that it feels like everyone is at a war with every other person here. The PAID PR TEAM does great on social media platforms in bringing the best of conflicts. And again the Indian society as always just gets driven away in the thoughts of others.

Recently, an ad was released by some leading company and it had no offensive stuff to offer, at least I believe that. But yet just because few people saw it as an opportunity to play their dirty politics and spread their so-called Hinduism, they started targeting with worthless statements. I mean why are we turning so much worse with the thoughts. The same BOYCOTT word power why don’t people use against the rapist and other injustices happening around. Why is the thought process of the people turning so weak? Rather than talking shit about the ad why did not people choose to educate themselves first? This is getting way worse, this needs to be stopped because due to the mess of such politics created in the country youth is turning careless and clueless.

Other than building hospitals and houses for the poor we’re talking about building more and more temples, how do you choose need over religion. Religion teaches you to fulfill the needy first. So strong is your religionism, that you betray humanism? Then I guess you’re reading a wrong holy book though.

Corruption is something that is the root cause of every problem in the country. Where do we start cleaning the country from? Votes are conducted in the barter system. One hand gives the biryani while the other confirms the vote. I mean this is not something that we are unaware of. But this is something we don’t dare to talk of. But if you are not initiating the conversation there is no change happening then.

This country has really gone way worse. With all due respect of all the good goals achieved by the country, but still, the media manipulation, paid pr, dirty politics, religional conflicts have segregated our country. There’s no developmental progress happening it’s all segrementational progress. Where people are losing their values, rights, and the ability to think.

Let’s stop doing all this as a society. Let’s raise a voice for something that is really in need of a voice, otherwise, this place will turn into the ugliest place to survive. It only takes a moment to think before doing something. Let’s take that moment of understanding and fight for ourselves and let’s just free ourselves from the clutches of the so-called dirty segrementational progress.