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Riya Singh

ByRiya Singh

Oct 18, 2020

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silver-colored bracelet
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She is on fire,

let’s just admire.

When we are in dark,

she shows the spark.

Splitting in multiple forms,

knows no limits, no norms.

She is Goddess Maa,

divine for all karma.

Riding on the lion,

inventor of Newton’s dyne.

She is pure,

this is for sure.

Her charming eyes,

throws enemy in the sky.

She is bold,

enough to hold!

Her strength for all struggle,

seems women crossing all hurdles.

The more you see her,

the more you feel her.

You can see her power,

as she is always stands as your lawyer.

She turns the wounds into wisdom,

pats you back with the blessings of freedom.

She stays for ten days,

unfurling positivity for the rest days.

She is a Daughter of the world.

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