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Dream again!

Paprja Apurvam

ByPaprja Apurvam

Aug 9, 2020

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In this devastating pandemic i learnt few things through self introspection and by observing surrounding and the people along with it and finally i realised two things –

1. This life,my friend, is absolutely unpredictable. It is a roller coaster ride , adventurous sometimes and heart wrenching many times with lots of ups and downs.

2. Life is way too short to give up on anything or any person. And it’s never too late to get back up and start with plan B or plan C upto plan Z after you get knocked down.

We all are messed up in our ways, we all get off track many times but just because your one goal or that one dream didn’t work out doesn’t mean its the end of the life. Life liked testing you, at every step and every chance it gets but it depends on you,If you want something bad enough, it’s never too late to chase your new dream or goal and achieve your passion in your life.

It takes MINDFULNESS to change our thought-patterns and if we can read this, we can choose this and achieve new learning and more life-affirming thought patterns. We must to live out the BEST manifestations of ourselves. INDEED, we are NEVER too “old” to set a new goal and dream new dreams!

I cannot tell you what exactly you have to do instead how can you do it. I can show you how to get up after you fall down but i cannot do it for you. the choices you have made in your life so far may have made you responsible for others who will be negatively affected by the consequences of your pursuit of a new goal.

1.First things first FORGET WHAT “THEY” WILL THINK ABOUT YOU. This society would criticize you in everything you do , no matter what good you do they will only care to try to put on a leash on you so that you stop moving ahead.We live in a society that is incredibly ageist,who believes that success at a young age is to have it all – be young, beautiful, and have the world at our feet. Yet the reality is that we don’t have the same life experience when we are young that we do at middle age. 

2. Make a strategic another plan . Yes, its going to be hard , yes there are chances that you may fail again but how will you ever know what’s on the other side if you aren’t ready to travel there.

3. Accelerate and don’t slow down. Discover what motivates you and causes you to speed up. Don’t allow negative thoughts and self limiting beliefs undermine your future. Work for it, Harder and better !

4. Enjoy the journey. Never believe these lies – ‘I am past it’ or ‘I can’t do anything.’ Look at active ways to step up and move out of your comfort zone. 
You will decide what’s the next step because it’s your dream and your goal of your own life. Enjoyment also comes as we let go of those things we can’t do anything about. Focus on areas in which you can make a difference.

Remember, it’s not too late and it’s never too late . So dream again,work for it and see what comes next.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
– Harriet Tubman

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