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Food that can be relished in this rainy season

Anuradha Kumari

ByAnuradha Kumari

Jul 26, 2020

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In the monsoon season, the craving of spicy and food increases automatically. During the heavy raining, our heart only feels one thing that is delicious food. It is the most awaited season for everyone because it brings greasy relief for sweltering summer.

Look at some delicacy food to relished in this monsoon season:

(1) Ginger tea AKA Adrak wali chai

What could better than enjoying little raindrops, with a cup of adrak chai it is a complete stress buster it will go best while observing the beauty of nature around is such a wonderful and calming feeling.

(2) Pakoras

Crunchy outside, soft inside, Deep-fried pakoras is a mind-boggling during monsoon. You can alter your choice by choosing a variety of paneer pakora, cauliflower pakora, onion pakora, potato pakora. It tastes best with mint or imli chutney, Also these pakoras along with some tea make the most heavenly combination ever.

(3) Maggi

The rainy season demands for some Maggi time and surely Maggi tastes so much better when paired with a rainy afternoon. One of the most comforting food items to what during monsoon is instant noodles, while laying in the bed enjoying the rains. It is such a wholesome feeling and fulfils your cravings like no other.

(4) Bhutta

Monsoon is here, so is bhutta corn (roasted corn) It tastes better while sitting in open enjoying nature, just make sure that your bhutta is garnished with a pinch salt, chilli powder and lemon juice and your mouth-watering Indian snack is ready to enjoy.

(5) Jalebi

How can we forget dessert while talking about food and what’s better than fresh hot Jalebis daily monsoon, It serves best with curd or hot milk which adds more flavours to it.

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