Glorify yourself with Green Smoothie

Glorify yourself with Green Smoothie

Are you among one of them who don’t like green leafy veggies?

So you can join the numbers of those who are drinking them instead.

A green smoothie is packed with full nutritional value like vitamin A, vitamin C, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Protein etc. which aid in the proper digestive system, lower your bp and also clear your skin as it helps to flush out the toxins from your body.

So let’s see how to make a Green smoothie

Ingredients to be needed:

. Spinach = 2/3 cup

. Banana = 2

. pineapple = 1 cup

. Milk = 1 cup

Instructions to make it:

(1) Add the fruits in a blender and blend it.

(2) Add Spinach and milk blend it until it turns smooth and creamy texture.

(3) pour the smoothie in a glass and top it with chia seeds and serve it.

Anuradha Kumari

Anuradha Kumari

Anuradha Kumari is a food-blogger based out of Ranchi. She loves to explore new places and try new dishes.

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