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Government of India forms task force for coronavirus vaccine distribution

Shruti Suman


Aug 10, 2020

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Today, the whole world is troubled by infection of coronavirus. All are waiting for the same thing that is the vaccine for Covid -19. More than 200 countries are making its vaccine. 21 vaccines are about to complete its clinical trials.

The government of India has fashioned task force which will overlook the distribution of vaccine within the nation.

As per the report, the task force will overlook all aspects of Covid -19 vaccine plan, from the identification of the vaccine to buying to financing the purchase to distribution and administration. The task force comprises representatives from all relevant ministries and institutions which will be involved in the smooth distribution of Covid -19 vaccine in the country once it is available in the market.

Several vaccine candidates across the world are in the climax stages of clinical trials. Pharmaceutical majors like AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer are all finalizing their their potential vaccine candidates which could be launched by the end of this year or early next year.

The task force will pick the vaccine or the number of vaccines that India will buy for its 1.3 billion population.

The panel will be led by Niti Aayog’s Dr VK Paul and co-chaired by heath secretary Rajesh Bhushan, HT quoted unnamed sources.

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