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How OTT platforms are destroying relationships

Debanjana Mukherjee

ByDebanjana Mukherjee

Dec 9, 2020

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flat screen television displaying Netflix logo

OTT stand for Over The Top platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Youtube. They provide you with a variety of content left to be consumed daily. The recent stats revealed by Netflix shows how 73% of the subscribers binge watch and 90% of them are millennials. Watching TV is a completely different activity now. One of the most recent problems with these platforms is that of binge-watching. Going through an entire season of a show in less than 24 hrs is like a piece of cake for most of the millennials today. Although sitting and watching tv has always been considered problematic current lifestyle and mindset has made it even more difficult. Watching a screen radiating light for more than 3 hrs is harmful yet most of our generation is on the phone or the laptop for at least 6hrs per day. Sitting and working or sitting and binging is taking a toll on our health more than anything.
The fact that hours of sitting and watching tv is directly related to the likeliness of getting diabetes and heart diseases are related is medically proven. Not only the health is at loss even family and relations that matter is a major victim to all this watching tv time. All of us have once at least watched an entire season or more of our favourite tv shows overnight sacrificing sleep as well as the whole day. Some of us are doing this daily or at month at stretch. This is not only harming our general well being as well as our emotional well being. Studies show that binge-watching our favourite shows leave our brains with the same effects that of taking drugs, as the body cannot differentiate between both so it might as well affect our bodies the same way drugs do. We become addicted to all the shows and it is the pure intention of the platforms. People are designing such AI to make sure that you are addicted to the platforms and a whole team of industry designing the shows to make it binge-worthy. And no matter how disciplined you are more likely to give away.
We are most likely to fall hypnotised watching the shows and even forget the simple line of sanity. Depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue are some of the problems you would face in daily. And as a result of the bond you share with people around you may eventually fade. The trick with any relationship is simple you have to dedicate time and throw in some efforts to make it work and if you are stuck with tv simply addicted to tv you cannot do that. The workplace may get disturbed due to lack of sincerity, a home might be disturbed due to absence all because you have become a tv junkie.
Though watching movies and series is an escape to reality and give us a little space of our own. It triggers dopamine in the mind and causes happiness. A little strictness has to be practised regarding the no. of hours given to the activity. Only if healthy lifestyle choices are a priority you can make time for anything and everything in the world. Practice time management so that you won’t be missing on the most intriguing shows of the world yet being able to prioritize the important bonds in life.