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How to Use Life Problems to Your Advantage

Shrutika Shrivastava

ByShrutika Shrivastava

May 23, 2020

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Problems are a part of life. Soren Kierkegaard rightly said,

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a journey to be experienced.”

Life is like a roller coaster. The journey of the adventurous ride is horrifying to most of us. But thinking about the ups and downs of the journey, is what keeps exciting us even after we have reached our destination. Rather, the whole journey makes us stronger to face the problem next time. Every person is alike in terms of facing problems. So lets just enjoy the journey of life and use problems to our advantage that come our way. Following these tips you can ace your problems like a pro:

  • Re-frame your thoughts and have a positive outlook towards life-

Problems in life can lead to a lot of negative thoughts. In such a condition, we need to re-frame our thoughts. Think of it like this. Past is gone forever. No point thinking over it. Future beholds unknown secrets to which we have no access. But somehow we can control it. Present is what we have control on. So just focus on the things we are doing in the present.

  • Never lose value as a person-

Having problems in life can leave you feeling like a crap. Many people might tell you that all the problems in your life are a result of your ‘Karma’. That’s not true! Even the most saintly persons on this face problems. So never think low of yourself. Try to think of yourself as highly as possible. So just forgive yourself for any mistake you have done.

  • Consider what you want from life-

Your problem somehow depicts what you feel is lacking in your life. Think about what exactly are those things. Your dreams? Your goals? Type of relationship you want? Or is it your weight, the size of clothes you want to fit in. Make lists. Keep journals. Decide where you want to be so that you can make thoughtful decisions for reaching your goals.

  • Decide what you are willing to give up-

Everything comes with a cost. To eliminate your problems, you definitely need to give up on something or the other. For example, if being overweight is your problem, then you need to give up on fatty foods. So just give up on your habits that are pulling you back.

  • Learn to tolerate discomfort-

Stop doing what you have always done. You are already too comfortable doing it. Do something out of your comfort zone that pushes you to do better. Tolerating discomfort accompanies change and is a sign of moving forward.

  • Never forget the lessons learnt-

The most important thing in your journey is to keep on learning and growing. The pressure of problems helps you to attain spiritual maturity. So just learn from your problems and keep on move towards making your life better.