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Ideal 15 minute break

Hritik Singh

ByHritik Singh

May 21, 2020

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Acting on the projects in work force with contentment and dedication is one of the prime requirements of every organization. We should be productive to increase our work performance and to reach new heights. It’s prerequisite for any one to reach their goals. However one has the capacity to work till the extent where they don’t find themselves stressed out or frustrated. This is where the role of finding break becomes important. A person can be productive but to a time extent. Jacked up in constant hectic work often needs a break. It’s important to find an ideal break time to be more productive. A person who continues to work for 52 minutes needs at least 17 min break to regain their concentration and focus. This doesn’t mean that you should rigidly schedule 52-minute work cycles with 17-minute breaks. However, there is lots of research to indicate that working for periods of 40–80 minutes followed by 10–30 minutes of break time is ideal. It’s important to initiate a process where the mind and the body can equally cope up. The process to find out an ideal 15 minute break.

Your work schedule and break schedule completely depends on how long you want them to continue, but it’s feasible to come across an approach to help us to be more productive.

  1. If you are constantly sitting and working for 1 hour a 15-17 minutes of break would get your mind relaxed. However the process of break must involve the movement of muscles and blood. Your mind tends to move towards a different direction once you move your body. Your thoughts initially get to an open space where new ideas can pop up.
  2. Its important for all of us to indulge ourselves in activities that helps us release stress and brings happiness and joy to us. As adults we are so much jacked up in our constant work ethics where we forget to do things that makes us happy. Your 15 minute ideal break must turn you into a carefree child and help you to regain your stability and happiness.
  3. . Too much work intensity and pressure in workforce can lead to productivity loss. However an ideal 15 minute break can actually help you release that pressure. Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing. Sometimes in an ideal 15 minute break all you need to do just sit back listen to the music ok and relax. Such acts can help you concentrate more and be focused. This would eventually increase your productivity.

An ideal 15 minute break is not a principle that has certain guidelines which every other person has to follow instead it’s a set of a different process an individual can follow to be more productive. Varying from different situations to different people with different ideologies.