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Gulshan Singh

ByGulshan Singh

Oct 10, 2020

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Indian Cinema is the strongest message spreader platform that can convey any news or any thought to a wider range of audiences. Sometimes it can be manipulative and sometimes it could be ice-breaking as well. It largely depends on the way it is served to their audiences. And then it becomes a very huge responsibility to convey the correct and effective content because at a certain point the cinema acts as a society driving source.

The people working in the cinema and the work portrayed by them are watched and followed by millions of people and hence, cinema acts as the greatest influencers to the people and their thoughts. So what they show should be relatively stronger and path-breaking to every individual and the community, because eventually, cinema represents the voices of the society.

So they should portray every inch of the issue that society is going through. Because earlier cinema was perceived as only entertainment, but now people are looking for stories, they are willing to use their heads, unlike the earlier times they’re no more watching it just for fun.

Well, I’m talking so much about the cinema today because one should understand the platform before making statements or actions, and also should understand how extremely it shapes the emotions and the thoughts of a normal person and a community viewing it.

The LGBTQ+ Community was decriminalized recently in 2018 where the law accepted love over the barriers of society in India. That was the day of celebration for every individual who hid their colors in the fear of society. And the law made them free from the clutches of being judged by society and being ill-treated by uneducated, people around.

But are we really living the way that the law showed us during the passing of the verdict? Are we really free to have choices of our own? Are we still not treated like criminals? I mean, who gives you the right to choose what skin a particular person should and would wear? There are so many issues already going on that need a voice and we as a country should be moving ahead resolving them, but wait; it isn’t really an issue until every minute somebody is dead for having a choice. Oh! We have that 5rs candle ready we could light it, walk few miles, and then we’re done.

No, that’s not what is really needed. We need action and intense action. I’m not at all ready to lose someone of me because of having a choice. This is an utter shame that the Indian censorship board has done recently.

A show called Schitt’s Creek Season 5 promo was being aired in India and Comedy Central India censored the gay-kiss shared between Dan’s character and Dustin Mulligan’s character. This is an utterly shameful slap that the censorship of India has given to the decision of legalizing the LGBTQ+ Community. Not only that it has also portrayed it to the society as if a gay kiss is a sin. Which is absolutely not.

This is where we lack. Here lakhs of people are struggling to get them their rights and educating people to look at LGBTQ+ Community with a sense of normalcy but then the people in the power of position act carelessly.

The sad part is the scenes where the women kissing the other women wasn’t snipped, the men kissing the women wasn’t snipped either. It was only men kissing men that was snipped by the Censor Board.

I mean I get offended for the fact that few board members will decide what the entire nation will watch, that’s absolutely crazy responsibility to give, especially to those people who are homophobic and cannot accept change. How are they even gonna be a voice to someone who’s waiting with a hope?

I feel so insecure and scared to put down my emotions about how and what I feel because the people in the power of position are in their own world of fairy tales.

I feel like completely betrayed, one side the law says I’m legal while on the other side it snips my way of showing emotions and love. Where do I exactly go?

It makes me furious for the fact that I have to prove my existence; and every single struggle of us is chopped by someone like this. It’s time to rise now. It’s so not done to see people suffering like this. I can’t even talk about humanity anymore cause humans never do stuff like this.

No one is here and should be here to tell someone else how to love and live. It should be more of educating and uplifting each other. It’s morally so betraying to each of the individuals when you snip off or put a question mark to their way of expressing love. It makes you feel abandoned and broken at the same time. And humanity is never supposed to do that.

The society has no idea what one goes through when you are completely denied for having the choices of your own. This struggle has to go down. People should feel safe for being who they are. The coming generation should witness a better world in every term and as an individual, it is our job to secure that and create a better world for them.

Let’s rise from the clutches of old beliefs and let’s create an environment where emotions are the supreme acceptance.

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