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Ignorance:- The Reason For Poor Education In India.

Gulshan Singh

ByGulshan Singh

Oct 18, 2020

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For a country like India, that ranks 2nd in terms of population, education becomes a necessity for life. And ensuring that every individual receives their basic necessity is the foremost duty of the governing government here.

Education is the strongest weapon that one needs for his/her survival. It allows you to have an opinion and ask every what and why with a sense of confidence. And that makes your life successful. Education never tends to teach you to have a job and live a life, it instead teaches you and challenges you to use your abilities for the betterment of society.

So by concluding this, we understand that education is a basic right and a necessity that everyone should demand so, that we don’t see a cobbler’s child still in torn clothes while the other students are well dressed and heading to the school. That cobbler child could just be a number but our society needs that number, our universe needs that number for the magic that the cobbler’s child could create if we stop snatching and underestimating his opportunities.

But even after so much of awareness and education policies what are the things that keep us behind? Where do we exactly lack now? Why is the education system yet so weak and not very much applicable to the practical life?

And the answer is poor governance and careless behavior by both the government as well as the normal citizens. It’s not possible to assume that the government doesn’t know or doesn’t understand the problems of the education system. It does understand but yet act blind or just plays push away the responsibility game on each other.

The teacher-student ratio becomes one of the most challenging problems of the education system. We run classes where 1 teacher attends 120 students for 30 minutes. Which logically says that the teacher hasn’t even seen all the faces of the student, then how is she supposed to provide quality education to all those 120 students? Logically not possible. But still, students get passed and hold a degree.

About 30℅ teachers teaching in the schools do not meet the criteria of an educated or trained teacher, and hence the root of the education starts weakening thereon.

Major of the schools lack good infrastructure. In a small room where hardly only 20 people could be accommodated, in the same room, 50 children are made to sit. How are they suppose to pay attention to what is being taught? Some schools have only one common bathroom which creates a problem for the girls to use it with comfort, so major of them choose to not go to school.

At places, teachers make students clean and wipe floors and feed them food. Which makes the students lose interest and faith in education and well as the educators.

The cost of education is another reason for being pulled out of schools daily. The fees of the schools are tremendously high and normal poor people who aren’t even able to meet their daily needs, how are they supposed to pay the high fees of the school? There’s no funding for the children and the education institutions.

Major of the time the illiterate minds of people also turns out to be a reason for the lack of education. They don’t understand what revolution education could bring. So they don’t promote education as they feel it’s a waste of time.

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Gender and caste inequality, rot learning, the burden of theories, negligence to the practical knowledge, economic status, family background, lack of introduction of the needed topics like sex education, non- availability of study materials, and many such more are the major contributions towards the failure of the education system in India.

To be very honest India hasn’t shown the needed interest in the matters of education till date, and hence the overall development remains zero. Education is not only the need of the hour but is the most successful tool for survival. Despite a lot of actions by the governments still bringing children to the classrooms remains the biggest challenge of the hour.

But neglecting those kids is something that we certainly cannot afford and should not afford. Education gives you a sense of being independent and having an opinion and an idea that can influence the world and that is what we need the most. If the jobs are taken seriously and we reach out to all those children who haven’t even heard the term education then that would be a revolution that we would create in the direction of changing the world for the better.

Let’s not deprive our children of their basic necessity for no-fault. Let’s unite together and create a better classroom for our children so that they can have a better world. We have the problems right in front of our eyes. Let’s not ignore it. Ignoring education would mean ignoring the future. Let’s individually take on the responsibility to build this society stronger with the small privileges that we all have.

Better education will make a better world.

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