IIT Kanpur To Start Complete Online Semesters Beginning From September 1

IIT Kanpur To Start Complete Online Semesters Beginning From September 1

As per the recent IIT Kanpur senate guidelines, students of 2020-2021 semesters of all UG and PG courses, have to remotely attend classes from their homes. IIT Kanpur has planned to conduct the upcoming semester completely online. The classes are scheduled to begin from August 27 in online mode.

IIT Kanpur Senate has issued guidelines regarding online semester. The guidelines state that a week’s lecture will be released through an online platform for students at least a week before. For each class, teachers will create video and audio content to be circulated among students over the platform.
As a fact, the institute has also issued a web guide for teachers to prepare themselves for conducting online classes. 

The Senate has also decided upon breaking down the 50 minutes class timings for better understanding in online classes. The online semester shall have online lectures of 35 minutes duration.

Online semester classes will begin from September 1, 2020, and continue until November 30. This semester will wrap up by December 22, 2020.

The students need to have broadband or 4G connection to stream the lecture videos online. For students who do not have access to the internet and computing devices, the institute will provide microSD cards that have course materials. 

The students need to have a smartphone, bare minimum, to access reading materials.  IIT Kanpur will also use third-party software to teach primary levels of programming to its students. Apart from this, students can communicate with teachers through various means such as email, phone calls or WhatsApp also. 

IIT Kanpur will also introduce online semester exams. Online examinations will focus more on continuous assessment in evaluating students. However, the teachers are yet to decide on the specific weightage. 

The official document released by IIT Kanpur states, “All evaluations shall be conducted by the course instructors using online exams, term paper, in video assignments, pop-quizzes, take-home assignments, and online viva-voce.”