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India: Your Developments Reach Too Late To The Ordinaries

Gulshan Singh

ByGulshan Singh

Oct 4, 2020

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Extremely grateful to India for allowing me to stay in here because I was brutally scared the way India went on developing. I thought ordinary like me won’t fit in here but thank you India for keeping us and not throwing us out from our own houses.

It’s been years I haven’t felt cared, important, and needed as a citizen here. The people with power are just expanding and we’re shrinking. Well, when I was young my parents, although uneducated, always told me to focus on my education first, they felt like it was the only key to success. But you see, I’m a graduate in science, and I work in a construction site on wages.

Well someone of you might tell me that, oh! Stop being a victim, you might have not tried enough to get a decent job. But I actually did try a lot. Every morning, I left for an interview hoping to get a job, but every time the vacant seat was filled with people who had internal contacts. But I did not lose hope, I kept trying till the when I had only a few bucks left and I had to choose between the fares to spend or to keep it for my mother who was ill. And thereafter I never appeared for interviews and hence I ended up taking a daily wages job. Maybe, I was a mistake.

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Once my mother fell sick and I rushed her to the hospital, but I had no money so she wasn’t even taken inside. I begged I cried and at last, left her right there to see her die. I’m sorry couldn’t do anything. No, God is not cruel, the people living here have made the world so.

No one can understand how helpless it feels to be not given the same opportunity just because our voices don’t reach there. What development and statistics each one of you keep talking about? This country is home to every individual irrespective of power or position and anybody who takes the responsibility to run this home, he/she has to ensure that equal care and help is reached to everyone.

The ordinary like us gets educated, follows a proper law but opportunities are shared with the people doing the reverse of everything. Our political leaders have 100s of complaints logged in. Nobody talks about that. Criminals take leads for the elections, votes are sold in return for food. I mean when our root is so weak how can we expect good fruits out of it?

Poverty is increasing in like every minute seconds, education is being destroyed because we keep giving examples of, oh! See this person, he wasn’t educated yet he got successful. I mean how does one even gets to talk shit like that.

We’re a country that doesn’t initiate a punishment until the number of people are dead or marching with candles. I’m done and tired of hoping for help and security from these people. If they wanted to do they would have done way back.

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It’s time to rise and realize that it’s no more our country, here individually everyone is at a war to take one breathe in peace. And ignoring the problem can never be a solution. It’s we who make the people sit at the power of positions, and we are to be held accountable as well.

I’m on a mission and at war with every one of you who thinks that the ordinary like me is voiceless. I might not win against this system but I want to rest at fighting and being a voice. There’s a lot hell happening and if we’re not fighting nobody else is fighting either.

Rise and Realize that your journey and opportunities should never be a victim of people’s negligence.

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