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Is Netflix Watching You?

Samiksha Puranik

BySamiksha Puranik

Oct 14, 2020

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When was the last time you watched a Netflix series?

Trust me, this lockdown has given an ample of time to spare for at least one series or a movie. Have you ever got hooked on this line “just one more episode”? 

That’s how we are getting addicted to OTT platforms. And, unfortunately, this way is quicker than drugs. call it new opium to masses! The only difference is these companies are calling their customers as ‘users’ and their drugs as ‘software’.

Let’s do a quick introspection. 

Why do we watch a series or movie?  (To escape from reality?)

You might be the person who watches series due to:

– Peer influence (because you want to sound cool)

– It has featured your favourite actor.

– You have a subscription and simply want to use it.

Now you take up a series to kill time in the coolest manner. The shitty logic behind this is you have to mourn and brag the characters of the series to your friend. (I speak from experience) Wait, are we missing something out here!

It’s the first episode, you gotta put at least one Insta and snap the story of Netflix and chill. Let me congratulate since you have successfully entered the trap. Don’t be puzzled, let me explain how it works. 

Stage 1You consume it.

Stage 2: It consumes you.

Take a moment and see how this works. When you consume unnecessarily popular and insufficiently serious series. you get latched to an episodic storm.

Episode 1: There is sudden dopamine release in the brain and you say gosh this is so amazing.

Episode 2: Damn, look at the rich handsome hero. he is sexy and outsmarts everyone in the room. That fair and hot girl with a perfect figure drives everyone crazy. You start the process to fall in love with this character.

Episode 3: It is the perfect time to trick your brain. Let’s say you are watching a crime mystery and the episode ends with a cliff hanger. This excitement and inquisitiveness will keep luring you to watch a bit more. “What happens next” will keep haunting your brain unless you start binge-watching the series. 

Episode 8: Hey, dead eye couch potato! You have truckloads of work compiled together and few assignments left. There are books to study, a perfect workout is pending. your to-do list is ready and you are missed the deadlines. Now, you are all set to start work and suddenly a notification pops up: ‘Did you miss out season 2, spoiler alert!’. You slouch back to the series again. 

Welcome to the ultimate level. You start procrastinating and the entire day is successfully wasted. You are addicted hence; you elope in the fantasies of alternate universe. There is the retention of heat at the back and imagination that takes you further as these are a real character. What if I am this character? You trip yourself to daydream in the fantasy world. This quarantined life is zombified to the point that depression due to boredom has taken over an entire life. Imaginary pleasure, imaginary existence and imaginary life? 

Have you ever come across these situations?

You take off your glass and become 10 times more attractive. An angel and devil appear to help you make an important decision. Your hair looks flawless without doing anything.

Shush …cut this crap right now. This does not make any sense and can never happen in real life. These people are smart and preying on you. You are a product.

In reality, life has no retakes and filters. You can’t cut any scene in the middle of life. They shoot thousands of photos and only one is selected with a lot of post-work. They know exactly what you want: the life with lavish ambience, expensive cars and friends that can give their life for you. This can only exist in a TV series or imagination, not in real life. That’s the prime reason, they are called ‘fictional character’.

What a TV series does apart from robbing valuable time that you can never have back?  

Netflix has claimed that its biggest rivals aren’t Amazon, YouTube but our need for sleep is its main barrier. Look at the intensity and the dystopian impact! The peers in quarantined life watching teen-targeted series are slipping in isolation and depression.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a better side too. When content is overloaded in excess, you endanger the mental state and fill the void of missing adolescent experience through series. Invest time wisely to be mindful of modus operandi of Netflix. So, after watching the 100th episode of some god-awful series, sit back and contemplate what else you can waste your precious time on?

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