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Mental health an issue or awareness

Ritika Gusaiwal

ByRitika Gusaiwal

Oct 22, 2020

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7 billion people across the world talking about “mental health”. But do we know what mental health actually is and why are we struggling with it?

Mental health refers to cognitive-behavioral and emotional well-being, in simple words whatever a human being thinks to behave and feel, etc., comes under it which affects our daily living style and relationships associated with it.

If mental health is affecting our daily livelihood then it is necessary to stay mentally fit. As a human being, it is important to create a balance of mental state to live with a happy state of mind.

Close to 1 billion people suffering from a mental disorder, 3 million people die from harmful alcohol, one person every 40 seconds by suicide.

According to the World Bank, It is estimated that at least 10 percent of the world’s population is affected and that 20 percent of children and adolescents suffer from some type of mental disorder.

The number of percentages suffering from mental health issues is huge. There can be a number of factors that lead them to end their life; there can be economic factors and stress, etc. During covid-19, we saw a significant increase in such cases due to lockdown, as people lost their jobs, source of livelihood which raised the disturbance in  their state of mind, eventually leading to end their lives. Even many people started drinking and smoking which caused some mental problems. 

Do you wonder how this if affecting us and what are its symptoms?

There will be a sudden change in behavior, substance use of alcohol and drug, anxiety, disturbed sleep, and difficulty in communication. 

Mental health it’s such an important issue that needs a light on it but people are just ignoring this. 

But what causes mental health issues?

These days we have seen reducing exposure to discussing news, as media is concerned with TRP showing more distressing news. Another cause can be the loneliness when there is no one to talk to and discuss ourself, lack of moral support sometimes where it can be sexual harassment, bullying, cybercrime, etc. that is prevalent in this picture.

How can we prevent it?

Some measures are given by the National Suicide Prevention Strategy are-

  • Reduction and ban in access to highly hazardous pesticides like drugs, afeem, etc.
  • Reduction and consumption of alcohol.
  • Non-sensitized and responsible pottery on society.

Prevention of Suicide India’s guideline clarifies that the method site or place of the incident should not be shown, even photographs and videographers are also not allowed to visualize as it is a very sensitive to show on a public platform.

In the end, I would like to conclude with some suggestions that government, different stakeholders, NGOs etc. should look upon for a number of functional and accessible helpline to engage in more talks to come out from these mental health problems, we also require non-judgmental mental health professional trained in the problem that is faced by young people. By organizing, regular campaign and awareness programs for mental health. It is very important to spread more information to prevent mental health issues.

Let’s not make mental health an obstacle in our growth. Let’s share more, listen to more, and respond rather than reacting.

And accept the situation, don’t panic, call out be conscious about your mental health and work for it.

Meditation is one of key tools for working on mental health.