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Riya Singh

ByRiya Singh

Jun 25, 2020

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A boomed day happen, life can sometimes suck. From breaking your favourite coffee mug to stepping in dog poop on the way to a date, these silly unexpected incidence results in a bad mood.
So you’re having a Bad Day….

  1. Go somewhere quite: Even it’s the bathroom, taking a few minutes to sit alone, just makes you feel super light and free.
  2. Count your blessings: Think about or pen down what you’re thankful for. This expression of gratitude creates an instant mood boost.
  3. Listen to a happy song & dance: It’s quick, it’s called instant mood filter. Sing along (perfect pitch not required) for extra benefit.
  4. Think & Do something new: OKhay! cool, you’ve only got a few minutes it’s not like you can change careers or fly to Iceland. The good news is even adding something small to a normal routine can brighten up a day.
  5. Grab chocolates: This is the quick and guaranteed fix to the mood. We are what we eat, so step away from the boring snacks and melt the delicious good looking chocolate bites in the mouth.
  6. Call your sympathetic friend: Talking to the one whom you feel like your own, can lift your mood. Don’t hesitate or feel guilty to tell them that you need their time, feel free and relaxe that you called them.