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Moving Forward or Moving Backwards

Aroshee Gandhi

ByAroshee Gandhi

May 19, 2021

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man and woman holding hands on street

One year ago we were all hoping to get better with our resources as well as health infrastructure, now that we look back can we way we have moved forward or are are we moving backwards?

While there are Government authorities working to provide people with resources, officials are working to ensure the help reaches all areas of every state. In the meanwhile this year we have seen a new sort of democracy functioning as Citizens for Citizens.
As an observer we can also see different social media celebrities working towards helping the citizens with whatever they can manage. A lot of organizations and general public groups have come forward to help in these trying times as well.
To mention a few verified helping aids by states:
PAN INDIA resources, working worldwide for different states.
Hemkunt_foundation (Delhi)
Khalsaaid_india (Covering all major states)
http://www.jaipurcovid.online (Jaipur, Rajasthan)
Oxygen_needers (Jaipur)
Twitter COVID (All over India)
Dhoond (For Plasma all over India)
Sood Charity Foundation (All over India)
Khushiyaan Foundation (Uttarakhand)
https://covinfoindia.in/ (Jammu)
No more pain (Organization from Jaipur)

A way to help and reach out for everyone is through donations. Donate to the NGOs and Foundations working round the clock to assist public. For those who have recovered from COVID please donate plasma as your contribution towards a better tomorrow. No time limit on how longback you have recovered as your donation depends on the presence of antibodies. (When you go for plasma donation, you are tested for antibodies before donating)

A thought that looms largely around us, we had one entire year to strengthen our infrastructures, one whole year to arrange and reserve resources but our system is still somehow failing. Major issue has surely been the high number of population, as well as carelessness of public to control the spread of COVID virus. The fact here is, we people had ignored that Lockdown had ended but the Pandemic was still going on and we are still fighting it. We should still follow the protocols:
1) Keep the mask on
2) Maintain distance
3) Do not have/ avoid huge gatherings
4) Follow the same even after vaccination.

Last but not the least, the way in which the country has United, irrespective of caste, religion barrier to become “Citizen for Citizen” back up is also remarkable.