New Album Launch featuring @void_throb from Ranchi

The Album Planet Ishq is not your normal song collections rather it is featuring artists across india . Ishqbector (Mr. Hiphoper)is an Indo Canadian composer, music producer, singer, songwriter, actor, director and Hip Hop artist and he started an instagram live session during pandemic and found some artists during the live sessions and wanted to make an album featuring their talent and he launched this album successfully and this is an amazing gesture by this composer. Harsh Soni famed as @void_throb is also featured in one of the songs of this amazing album. Harsh is a beatboxer and has performed in numerous original albums from Ranchi .

The Canadian Composer, Songwriter, Producer Ishqbector

Name of the Song – Gimme Some Mohabbat from album “Planet Ishq”

About the song featuring Harsh @void_throb

  • Most unique/experimental song in the album.
  • Genre of song – Trap/ Rap/ Metal/Orchestral.
  • Heavy metal, genre of rock music that includes a group of related styles that are intense, virtuosic, and powerful. Driven by the aggressive sounds of the distorted electric guitar, heavy metal is arguably the most commercially successful genre of rock music.
  • Ishqbector collaborated for the very 1st time with a beatboxer and a metal vocalist for this song.
  • Artists in the song – All the artists are from all over india and all of them were discovered by the songwriter through the Instagram live sessions.
  • Roles of different artists in the song (‘Gimme Some Mohabbat’)
  • Ishqbector – Rap/Composition
  • Harsh Soni a.k.a void_throb from Ranchi – Beatboxing(Beatbox is a unique art form of which not many people know of and think rap is hiphop but that’s not it. Hiphop has 5 elements of which BEATBOX is the finest way to grab attention in the crowd.)
  • Advaya from Bhuneshwar – Growl Vocals (metal)
  • Shyam Ravishankar from Hyderabad – Violin
  • Apeksha Dandeker – Hook Vocals
  • Release date – 18Aug
  • Available on all platforms.

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Jio Saavn,WzNFQ2o

Lyrical video will be out on Youtube soon

Harsh Soni aka @void_throb

Debanjana Mukherjee