Your Whatsapp Messages Aren’t Safe

Your Whatsapp Messages Aren’t Safe

We all heard about the Whatsapp Cyber Attack that happened earlier this year. Whatsapp recently confirmed a spyware Pegasus was snooping on your Whatsapp messages.

The sypware Pegasus was being used by NSO Group – an Israel based company. The primary function of the sypware was to spy on government officials, journalists, activists, lawyers, and various countries globally, including India. Whatsapp recently sued the NSO Group.

How Pegasus Spyware Works ?

Pegasus works by sending a link, and if the target user clicks on it, it is installed on the user’s device. Once installed, it begins to contact control servers to start gathering data from the infected device.

What Information can Pegasus Access?

Your passwords, contacts, text messages, calendar info, as well as voice calls made through messaging apps, in this case, WhatsApp.
Apart from these Pegasus can also access your camera, microphone and GPS to track live location.

Pegasus Attack on Whatsapp

Why Whatsapp’s End-to-End Data Encryption Failed?

A bug in the Whatsapp stack allowed Pegasus to penetrate. By just giving a missed call on someone’s WhatsApp number allowed Pegasus to gain access to the device. Despite the End-to-End Data Encryption offered by WhatsApp, the company failed to inspect its calling features properly.

What Should Be Done?

WhatsApp has already sued the NSO Group. As a precaution, avoid clicking on unknown links and stop downloading

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