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The rush towards a ‘perfectly toned’ body.

Debanjana Mukherjee

ByDebanjana Mukherjee

Dec 6, 2020

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There are a lot of different body types, a lot of different shapes and sizes and a lot of different perceptions involving all the body types. But that’s only the physical aspect. Maintaining a certain body mass index, having a routine lifestyle, consuming healthy and nutritious diet are a part of the physical aspect. “Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, this is a common belief and partly is true. But, what about an unhealthy body? What about the body type described as fat? Well wondering about all that is associated regarding this body type is simply unbelievable. Human body is capable of doing multiple tasks. The body of an average human being performs complex life processes, multiple movements, lifting, shifting, adjusting, thinking, resting all at once. So, whenever you all feel like this body is not enough, correct yourself and remind yourself everything that this body does for you.

The modelling industry, the icons, the popstars and everyone else that we look up to have a strict rule regarding their body types. The accepted body type of any glamour world entity has to be “perfect” and “toned”. Now, how all this hype about perfect body type started nobody really knows. When you look around the health aspect or the physical well-being of a person, you will encounter that any human body, no matter how bulky or fat, is at risk of getting chronic diseases. There is no research or resource that can say for sure that a “perfectly toned” body is less likely to be sick than a “fat” body.

When you think about the emotional aspect of having a fat body type, it really is a bigger challenge as compared to the other body types. You will encounter so many points: body positivity, body shaming, depression due to feeling outcast, insensitive comments about a body, diet, gyms, motivational speakers talking about “How you are not enough do something for yourself: loose weight”. There are so many different stereotypes around this. But, when it comes to trends they are ever changing as well. Modelling industry earlier was all about the curves models were appreciated if they were a little bulky and curvy be irrespective of gender. When gradually the trends changed up until recent times now modelling industry prefer straight body types for women and toned muscular body for men. So, what is this pressure all about where is all this negativity feeding off and all this need for positivity is coming from. It is the general perception and the norms that we as a society accepted.

Remember that you are not a product that is for sale. You are a person, even the models who are the trend setters have norms and are not really challenging anyone in anyway to be like them. Appreciate them for who they are and appreciate yourself for who you are. There is going to be a lot of judgements, there will be a lot of things trending and a lot of things that are going to change. Choose a perfect lifestyle over picture perfect body, staying in control of your health both physical and mental is really necessary. If you think that chubby and bulky is not an attribute you would like to be about then you can really change that. There are thousands of transformative stories you can scroll through. Right now trends say get abs, get toned body and if you really think that it is worth following then follow that. But by any chance and instance try your best to never look down to the other people who don’t want to follow that trend.

Health is wealth and health can be both a perfectly toned body or a perfectly chubby body because all the fundamental life processes are being carried out with same efficiency in both the bodies and both of them are similar to each other anatomy wise. So all this hustle and hype of measuring your body and being perfect is completely personal unless you are really paid to be toned and your livelihood depends on it.    Emotionally if you are feeling not complete and either feeling too thick or too thin dig deeper than the body and the physicality of it and think if all this unnecessary feeling is really coming because somehow you are really not enough or is it because you have wrong role models to look upto. Since we are the social media generation and we are fed a lot of information all at once, we have to be vigilant enough to be able to filter through all the things that are challenging your own well being. Chubby or not so chubby, toned and perfect or not so perfect the physical body is more than appearance, that is the vessel which is propagating life, and providing the soul a home so next time while comparing it to worldly standards think twice.