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  • Wed. Sep 30th, 2020

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Play the Game to Raise the Game

Suyash Varma

BySuyash Varma

Aug 9, 2020

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man standing on top of rock mountain during golden hour
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How often have you pursued your passion with amazing alacrity, that those who watched you stood apart in reverence?

As Humans, we need a goal or pursuit to stay alive within. And that’s why, in the beginning of every pursuit, we put a humongous amount of effort in each of those.

That new painting class. That new internship. That new blog or YouTube channel. The first class in your institute. We start a lot of things in the hope of fame and audacity of the pinnacle of glory.

The beginnings are really strong, however, after many a time, we quit. The new pursuit loses its glory and we are lost in the timeline. In economics, it is called, The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.

We all have faced this. But, let’s change it this time.

When the next dream hits you, and it will hit you. With all your cravings as a timeless pursuer; raise the game.

Commit to become the undisputed leader of your craft and create a monopoly of mastery in a world suffering from the cult of superficiality.

Why lurk in the shadow of mediocrity when you are destined to be a genius?

Pursue your dream, relentlessly this time.

Hunt your dream down, with the fearlessness of the lion that attacks a Gazelle.

Know why you are doing what you are doing and ask yourself how far are your willing to go to get this done. Get beyond your comfort zone.

Play the game, only to raise the game. Not to suffer at the mediocrity of your comfort. Not to slowdown after the first few miles. But to drive excellence with fearlessness and to find your comfortable patch in the bumpy ride.

Building anything great takes time. So, persevere.

Because when you find your purpose, it doesn’t let you sleep at night.

And If you are telling me, “I am not here searching for any trouble”,

I would say, “Oh dear! What a horrible way to live”

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