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RANCHI HIPHOP CYPHER 2020 ft ranchihiphop

Debanjana Mukherjee

ByDebanjana Mukherjee

Jan 17, 2021

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Hiphop as cool and groovy it sounds there are many underlying technicalities that features a good hip hop. All of us love to see hip and happening dances and stunts and music that adds up adrenaline and what better option than hiphop. Hiphop is not only rapping and going crazy with lyrics it is an accumulation of a lot more elements and Beatbox being one of them. So far electronic devices and other instruments were used to create music and now artists create crazy groovy beats using mouth, lip, voice and tongue known as vocal percussion or Beatbox.  Jharkhand has a rich culture and tradition. Adding to the traditional folk songs the flavors of hiphop this new music video is an accumulation of all that you need to sit and groove.

The theme behind this music video is to represent Jharkhand’s culture infused with all the elements of hiphop i.e.rapping, beatbox, dance, graffiti and stunts. The youtube channel hosting this groovy music is called studio 7. This is a one of a kind song that has used 5 languages and created a rap. English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Sadri and Mundari. Sadri and Mundari are tribal language local to Jharkhand. This is first song to have beatbox integrated with other Folk instruments. The crew includes 30+ underground artists of Ranchi and this music video was successful with the support of Redbull India.

Here are some of the insights to this beautiful creation from one of the artists Harsh(vocal percussionist/ beatboxer)

  • 1. •  Where did this idea for infusing folk with hiphop came from ?
  •  – “We always wanted to represent our TRIBAL culture of Jharkhand in the most unique way possible, we did this project infusing all elements of hiphop together with folk instruments.”
  • 2. What’s the inspiration behind adding beatbox?
  •  – “Beatbox is a unique art form of which not many people know of and think rap is hiphop but that’s not it. Hiphop has 5 elements of which BEATBOX is the finest way to grab attention in the crowd.”
  • “It was difficult to implement and the audio producer (OC_Creations) did a very fine job.”
  • 3.How much of efforts did it take?
  • -“ It was certainly a very hard job as we completed the whole projects within 2 weeks from lyrics to music to video. And management of 30+ artists is such a herculeant task you can’t think of. But with the collective effort we did it while Redbull helped keeping all of us energized all the time.”
  • 4. How did redbull india came to supoprt this project?
  • -“ Redbull has always helped artists keeping energized and is continuing to do so and reached out to us knowing that such elite culture does exist in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Also they were excited for such talented artists who can represent the culture incredibly”.
  • 5. How many artists were involved ?
  • – “Unity is the key for success and every hiphop artist is part of the hood. Many crew like RTD, Attractive Steppers, Team BBF, Team Fantastic joined up along with RANCHIHIPHOP to complete this project and were so supportive with immense positive vibe.”
  • 6. Some funny experiences during the making of this project?
  • – “There were many but I remember one very well. We had actually completed the raw audio production at 4 am in the morning and on the same day we had our video shoot which we had to plan within hours (credit goes to STUDIO 7):the location, the no. of artists, travelling and so on. And we choose to climb up a mountain for real on the same day, and believe me trekking is no fun when you are sleep deprived ! But with the collective effort we did all that stuff.”

All that you need to know about the artists:

  Vocal Percussionist /Beatboxer

Harsh Soni a.k.a Void_throb

Himanshu Mohan

Rappers n Lyricists

Puranjoy Sen a.k.a Mc_spaz

Rishu Singh Rajwanshi a.k.a Rapper_r

Anirudh Purty Phoenix a.k.a lil_phoenixX

Hook Vocals

Abhishek Raj

The audio and video production house:

OC Creations

Studio 7

Underground artists of the video:

Ranchihiphop, Oc Creations, Studio 7,


1. Aman Kachhap

Dance Art form- electro

2.Arvind Mahli

Dance Art form- breaking

3.Vikash Minz

Dance Art form– Krump

4. Aman Tigga

Dance Art form- Breaking

Dancers and hoppers


1.  Ankit Dungdung 

2 Raju Tirkey

3 Mayank Bimbisar Toppo

Free Runners


1. Balajee Horo

2. Sheetal Topno

3. Pukir Bodra

MTB Stuntriders


1. Bobby Hansda

2. Ayesh Ashwin Baxla

Female elites

1.Anshu shikha nupur lakra

2.Divya kiran

3. Puja Lakra


1.Name -Aman Singh

 The link to this awesome video song: https://youtu.be/ckXP6AgfycA