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Reasons Why One Should Have a Pet!

Ayush Kumar

ByAyush Kumar

Aug 1, 2020

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photo of man hugging tan dog

Of all the creatures present on earth, human beings or the homo-sapiens are the only species which have been accorded with the intelligence to revolutionize their lives through advancements and developments. However, the populating species on earth which occupies the major land mass of earth, sits lonely in his home, confined to a phase of depression and anxiety. This loneliness and adversity can be dispelled with just one easy step. GET YOURSELF A PET. If you feel having a pet is too demanding, then you can opt for fostering. Fostering, though not a commonplace thing, is gradually finding its place in our society where one can keep and take care of the animals for a stipulated period, till their permanent parents/ guardians are ready to adopt them permanently.

Having a pet has a lot many positive influences in one’s life.

  • The Basic – HAPPINESS: With the little affection that you shower on your buddy, you receive in return, a jubilant pet which is always exulted to see you when you’re back from your work. What’s better than coming home to be received with a wide smile and a wagging tail or flapping wings trying to seek your attention in every possible manner?
  • It Turns You Into a Responsible Human: Having a pet makes you conscientious and a responsible human, one who can actually take the accountability of a task and its consequences. It takes tremendous effort and ample patience to nurse any bird or animal. One has to provide immense care and take enough precautions to gain its confidence. This mars the impetuousness that lies within you and invigorates you with better qualities.
  • You Comprehend the Indecipherable:  With pets, you communicate in a language that has no literary boundaries. You converse with actions and not words. That not only stimulates your receptive capabilities, you also begin to acknowledge actions and the respective rationales. You clearly realize the cause concealed behind actions.
  • You Make Memories: Whatever time you spend with your pet, stays with you forever. You frisk with him at your home. You cook for him. You feed him. You play with him. All these days in turn garner memories. The days spend with your pets are the days that will be cherished.

At least once in your life, you must try fostering one such creature. Doesn’t matter be it a cat, or a dog, or a cow. Does matter what their breed is. Nothing in life will rejuvenate you and add a meaning to your life, in a manner that petting your little companion does.