Remembering Childhood

Remembering Childhood

Childhood, the “golden phase” of our lives 

is the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to our hearts. 

The memories prove as a safety net to us in times of crisis.

So, here are some memories enough to bring back the child in us:-

Playing outside

We all had that childhood gang we used to play with when we were kids. Rain or shine, our prime daily goal was always to be allowed to go out on the street and play. Chasing each other around, playing hide and seek, etc. It was such a carefree time with no worries.


 Taught us all about teamwork.


It’s one of the precious memories you’ll cherish at all times since it’s quite a unique experience you’re not likely to have any other time in the future. It also creates a special bond between the child and the parent.


Fairy tales have a high impact on the development of a child’s imagination.

Stuffed Toys

Everyone had their favorite stuffed animal. Holding , sleeping, and playing with it just made our day.

Mine was “Barbie “. What’s yours??

Family Traditions

Whether its a movie night or get together, let’s bring back those memories spend with our family.

Grandma’s Pickle 

The most important memory which we still live and cherish today.

Starting from helping her to licking all the big glass jars; 

It always brings a smile to our faces. 

Priya Paul

Priya Paul

PRIYA PAUL is a student of BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. She is an avid quizzer, writer , designer and a Hollywood geek.

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