Rules to hasten your learning

Rules to hasten your learning

“We’ve all experienced pondering a problem all day long only to find we receive the solution when forgetting about the problem and thinking of something else. When we stop concentrating so hard, we allow our subconscious to flourish, and those who do this more than others are often called geniuses”

Well, aren’t we all familiar with the advices on changing techniques and trying again? For example, coming back home after scoring less grades in exams always makes our parent advice “you should change your style of studying. Do this or that and try again”. To be honest, i believe no book or person can exactly tell you what is “your technique ” to let you achieve success. Some people after reaching 40s understood their right technique of learning whereas some found out their’s at the age of 11 only.  Every individual has their own mindset and ability to find out the right way to get to their goals. Below are some tips to enhance/accelerate your learning

1.Using projects and experiences

Knowing the value of experience is one thing; finding ways to give it to people is quite another.All sorts of experiences can accelerate development, though.

     2.Strategic thinking

The need to provide guidance and advice when it is needed, and support and encouragement when things get tough can help in accelerating someone’s development.

     3. Understanding the basics

Whenever you decide to learn anything donot start from the branches or the leaves, pursue the root and work your way to the topic. You need to understand the foundation first.

    4. Individualise development

Different people have different learning styles and development needs, and so the development activities they experience need to differ too. This basically means every individual incorporate development in an  unique way.

   5. Train and coach

Basically 70% learning should come through experience and informal way and 20% should come from helping and mentoring who need a proper guidance in the same field. Whereas, 10% should come through  formal way that is reading, study and learning from books.

If you really want to accelerate the development of people, then you need to accommodate the fact that the best recipe for driving individuals’ development will differ between people. What works best is two things: an individualised and targeted approach, and a focus on putting in place the right technique around development activities to ensure that they work.

“Acceleration of knowledge generation also emphasized the need for lifelong education.”

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Paprja Apurvam

Paprja Apurvam

Currently enrolled in BIT mesra , Paprja apurvam is placid yet passionate. She is optimistic along with an intuitive mindset.

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