Sane-tize Your Mind: Use Pandemic Stress To Fuel Better Habits

Sane-tize Your Mind: Use Pandemic Stress To Fuel Better Habits

Everyone around the globe is battling an invisible enemy. Imagine a tiny microbe has brought the entire world to a standstill. It is really difficult for anyone to remain sane in such extreme circumstances. Stress is a common phenomena these days. So why not use this pandemic stress to build better habits?

What does research say?

A research was conducted on a group of students to study their eating habit patterns before and after experiencing stress. It was seen that those who had healthy snacking habits, started having more healthy stuff under stress, while those who had junk food snacking habit resorted to consuming more of it under pressure. Similar outcomes were seen for other habits too. It was concluded, therefore, that stress fuels habits, whether good or bad.

Some Sane-tizers for your mind

Human brain is vulnerable to negative thoughts. Pandemic stress can make it worse. Here are a few Sane-tizers which will not only clean up the stress and make you sane, but will also help you become more productive and fuel the good habits.

1. Channelize your thoughts

Overthinking is very obvious in a stressful situation. What is happening in the world? Will everything ever get normal? Am i properly protected from the virus? Is my family safe? And the other thoughts that follow like career, relationships, mistakes done in the past, the tummy-churning feeling of regret and what not! It feels like you are in the middle of a ship wreck. Pause for sometime. Analyse your thoughts. If the things you are thinking about are not under your control, distract your mind from it immediately. Just force your mind into something else, like reading or trying a new hobby. And if the things are under your control, then why are you thinking? Start at it immediately and keep yourself busy in the work itself.

2. Follow a proper schedule

Proper sleep, nutrition and exercise can help you stay positive throughout the day. Try to include as many good habits in your schedule as possible and strictly follow it.

3. Take out time for yourself

Nobody in this world can care for you the way you can for yourself. Take out time for self-care. Also, fix a time to express gratitude for whatever you have and are lucky for. This will help you stay positive and cultivate good habits.

COVID-19 brings with it many new worries. But we need to accept the new normal. Life must go on, and so shall we.

Shrutika Shrivastava

Shrutika Shrivastava

I am an independent and creative person, always wanting to spread positive vibes. I love turning great ideas into reality.

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